Aaron the EXE Hedgeidna is the son of Sonic the EXE and Meline the Echidna concieved after a rather bizarre incident ocourred. He currently resides in the future. 




Aaron was usually nervous around new people when he was younger, but when he turned 13, he became somewhat of a ladies' man. Aaron is basically a lovable person  if he is kind to people, but his overall look frightens some people who think he will become his father.


Aaron's powers are mainly demonic, but he can also use Chaos abilities. With Aaron's demonic powers, he can fling people across a room with his mind, he can also conjure balls of pure fire to his aid. His Chaos abilities are limited to Chaos Control and Chaos Blast. He is not stronger than his father, Sonic EXE, to him Aarons power is nothing but a gust of wind.


  • Holy Icons (He will get used to them over time)
  • Blood Rubies (They sap him of his powers)
  • Light-based attacks
  • Angelic attacks




Normal Voice:Edit

  • "  I love you, mom!"
  • " The name's Aaron the Hedgeidna, and I'm here to help you."
  • "  Hi Master Knuckles and Master Shadow!"
  • " Tag, you're it, Uncle Jack!"
  • " Man, this is fun!"
  • " Awww, I lost..."
  • " I need more speed..."
  • " Hey there, good looking..."
  • " Hey Milo, lets go hang out at Amy's place!"

Demon Voice:Edit

  • " Surrender or die, the choice is your's."
  • " Rot in the Afterlife..."
  • " That hurts, GET AWAY FROM ME!"
  • " Blast it, I need more power!"
  • " If you see Demonikas, tell him he's next after my father."
  • "You might be the Azure Nightmare, but I am the greatest threat to you malfested monstrocities!"
  • " Hey, you overfed chicken, you leave Milo alone!"

Game Ranking Voice:Edit

  • S ranking "Alright, mom will be proud of me!"
  • A ranking "Yes, yes, yes, I am bringing home some rings today!"
  • B ranking "Meh, what can I do?"
  • C ranking "What? No, not fair!"
  • D ranking "That's so not cool!"
  • F ranking "Oh no, mom is gonna get mad at me!"
  • Loosing a boss fight "Mother, help me!"
  • Winning a Boss fight "One less villan to deal with..."


Aaron the Hedgeidna Remake

Aaron remade

Aaron the retard

Venom's sketches of Aaron.

Image thing

Aaron's mother, Meline the Echidna in her previous design *in her present age, twelve*. (to the right)


Aaron's friend, Milo the Fox-Rabbit Hybrid.