Bakina is the (alternate universe) relationship between Bakuu-Actu-Sin Vampiro Barator and Nina Cortex.



Married; leaders of the Vampiro clan/tribe.




  • Jake Vampiro Cortex
  • Elizabeth Vampiro Cortex
  • Kuba Vampiro Cortex (boy)


Nina: (13 years old; studying at the Academy of Evil)

Bakuu flies overhead to scout the area.

Nina: (yawns)

Mr. Aswip: (Nina's teacher) Nina! Focus!

Nina: Fine.

Bakuu: (flies away after getting the info he needed)

Mr. Aswip gives a lecture.

Storm clouds form.

Nina: (mutters to herself) Good thing I'm inside.

Something crashes through the window.

Mr. Aswip: Huh?

It stands, looking around.

Mr. Aswip: Oh my gawd.

Creature: For the Order of Light (roars)

Nina attacks the creature.

It fights back.

Nina: Get out of here!

Creature: More of us are coming; this school will fall.

Nina: No it won't. I won't let you destroy my school!

It flies out.

She follows it.

she sees an army marching toward the academy

Nina: Stop!

Bakuu: (Flies up)

Nina uses her robotic hands to grapple onto the roof.

Bakuu: (Roars)

Nina: I'm not getting off.

He thrashes around.

She stays on the roof.

He jumps up.

Nina glares at him.

Bakuu hisses.

Nina: Leave us alone!

Bakuu: The light will prevail.

Nina: (tears in her eyes) LEAVE ME ALONE! (sobbing)


Darkstorm appears and pounces at his son.

She falls to her knees, crying.

Nina: Don't kill me! Don't hurt my friends!

Darkstorm: I do not want that.

The soldiers stop at the gate.

Nina: Just get out of here and let me be... (sniffles)

They leave.

She sighs, getting down from the roof and attending her class.

(weeks later)

Nina: (feeding ducks at the park)

Bakuu: (flying)

She sees him and walks off.

He keeps flying.

Nina: Hmph.

Bakuu lands next to her, just as happy as she is, handing her a letter from his father.

Nina: (opens the envelope and reads it)

Letter from Darkstorm: Dear Student, I have talked it over with your instructor and she agrees that my son should "shadow" you so that he may learn restraint and self control. I understand that it will hinder you but I am afraid that there is nothing I can do to teach him that so I am leaving him in your charge with that lesson. if things do not go well You may send a letter to me wishing him returned to my side and I shall find another way


Drak'Vorkata Darkstorm

Nina: (sighs)

Bakuu:(Nods) I agree with your mentality

Nina: Fine.

Bakuu: you're seriously considering keeping me around?

Nina: I'm willing to take chances. But don't you dare try and attack my school again.

Bakuu: Fine

Nina: Good. You wouldn't want me attacking your home.

Bakuu: You'd be put don if you tried

Nina: That doesn't mean you and some lunatics should attack my school and where I live.

Bakuu: Fine

She sighs.

He sits down on a bench.

Nina: What do you wanna do?

Bakuu: You like Cinnabon?

Nina: Um... I guess?

Bakuu walks with her to Cinnabon.

She orders

He eats his roll.

She sighs and eats.


She finishes eating.

Bakuu: So why do you go to a school for evil children?

Nina: My uncle transferred me there when I was four.

Bakuu: Oh.

Nina: It's a boarding school, so I live in a dorm. I rarely get to visit my uncle.

Bakuu: I see...

Nina: Where do you go to school?

Bakuu: Private tutors.

Nina: You're lucky.

Bakuu: How?

Nina: Because you get to be alone with your own personal teachers at home. I have to deal with dumb students here all the time.

Bakuu: You could request a transfer.

Nina: I doubt my uncle would let me do that.

Bakuu: Your teachers might, give them a reason to transfer you

Nina: Okay...

Bakuu: You will need some transfer papers

Nina: My uncle Neo is gonna be mad...

Bakuu: It's your call.

Nina: ...I'm I'll wait til I'm older.

He nods his head.

Four years laterEdit

Nina: (17; had transferred to Calico High School)

Bakuu hangs from the ceiling upside down)

Nina: (looks upwards) Why are you doing that?

Bakuu: Cause its fun and I'm half a vampire

Nina: (rolls her eyes)

Bakuu drops down

Her class ends and she starts walking home.

he follows her

Nina: Like my new school?

Bakuu: Yeah

Nina: Heh. Good to hear, I guess.

Bakuu: are you busy tonight?

Nina: Uh... no. Why?

Bakuu: Wanna go out?

Nina: (blushes) Okay. Sure.

he nuzzles and smokes out

(that night)

Bakuu: (In dressier clothes)

Nina arrives in a goth dress.

Bakuu: Hi

Nina: ...Hey.

Bakuu:(Blushing) You look nice

Nina: (looking at the ground, self conscious about her unnatural skin color and buck teeth) Thanks...

He extends a hand

She takes it.

he walks with her

Nina: Where are we going, exactly?

Bakuu: A nice resturaunt

Nina: Can't you just drive or fly there?

Bakuu:(Grabs her shoulder and smokes there)

Nina: Whoa!

He gets a table outside

She sits down.

he sits

Nina: (yawns)

their food arrives

Nina eats her food.

Bakuu eats his burger

Nina: So, tell me about your mother.

He freezes

Nina: What?

Bakuu: My mother, my real mom, died when I was a cub

Nina: My mom is probably dead, too. I last saw her when I was a baby.

Bakuu: I'm sorry

Nina: (sighs) It's not you're fault she's gone...

He kisses her

She blushes.

he purrs

Nina: (kisses him back)

He purrs.

She yawns.

he smokes her home

Nina: Thanks... see ya. (walks in)

He purrs happy for her and smokes out

One year laterEdit

Bakuu: Nina

Nina: Yeah?

Bakuu: i heard about the accident, I am sorry.

(what accident)

(Involving her fatehr who is in hospital, Cortex may be a villian but Bakuu is not heartless)

Nina: He's doing better...

Bakuu: he's lucky you were home, Why did he have a Water Moccisan

Nina: Oh, you mean the snake? That was one of his next super soldiers. He was gonna put it through the Evolvo-Ray.

Bakuu: You see why I don't mess with snakes

Nina: Oh.


Nina: (sighs) I just hope he recovers soon.

Bakuu: Be glad my sister wasn't there otherwise he wouldn't be breathing

Nina: ...

Bakuu: Trust me on that one

Nina: Let's change the subject. How was your day?

Bakuu: Good, I mean life as a Gladiator is cool and all but it doesn't come without its hazards

Nina: Cool. Life has been boring for me, ever since I graduated high school. Dad says I'm too "smart" for college.

Bakuu: Pardon my language but fuck him, you are in control of your own life.

Nina: I agree with him.

Bakuu: Well as long as he knows we're dating, I mean its not like I am some dirty secret you're keeping behind his back right?

Nina: Oh, he knows about you.

Bakuu: I see

Nina: Hard to believe we've been dating for a year, though.

Bakuu: Heh

She stretches.

He rubs her back

Bakuu: how long has it been since you did yoga?

Nina: (sighs) You know I'm not into that stuff.

Bakuu: Just a suggestion, I mean, hey? How do you think I stay so nimble and its not because I am a cat

Nina: I don't need to do yoga. That's that.

Bakuu: Ok then (Walks with her) I know that its been a year and all but whats with the N on your forehead

Nina: Oh, that? (removes the "n" on her forehead) I dunno. I guess I wanted to imitate my dad and former principal.

Bakuu: At least its not an L

Nina: Heh, yeah. I was thinking of removing it for good...

Bakuu: Your call

Nina: (throws it away) I think I look better without the dorky "N".

Bakuu: No argument there hon

She smiles.

He kisses her

She blushes.

he picks her up and climbs a building

Nina: Uh, what are you doing?

Bakuu: You'll see

She sighs.

Bakuu reaches the top and sets her down

Bakuu: Like the view?

Nina: ...Yes?


Nina: (looks at the view)

The sun sets

Bakuu: you want to be a vamp still?

Nina: I guess...

Bakuu: (Extends his fangs)

Nina stands still.

he chomps down on her shoulder

Nina winces a bit.

(hours at his summer house)

Darkstorm: Take it easy miss

Nina: (feeling nauseous)

Darkstorm: (Hands her a pill and some water)

She takes the pill and drinks the water.

Darkstorm: you ok

Nina: I think so.

Bakuu:(sick in the bathroom)

Nina: I don't think he is, though.

Darkstorm: Bakuu was raised on supplement and real food, real blood makes him sick

Nina: He told me that.

Darkstorm: So you're my new Daughter in law

Nina: Daughter-in-law? He never proposed to me.

Darkstorm: You're his bitten I only assumed

Nina: Oh...

Darkstorm: you love my son correct

Nina: Yes.

Darkstorm: Ok then (Yawns)

Nina: (goes to check on Bakuu)

Bakuu:(spits in the toilet)

Nina: You doing any better?

Bakuu: A little

Nina: Good.

Bakuu: goes to brush his teeth) Feeling better

Nina: Cool

Bakuu:(purrs) Tell me are you hearing weird noises

Nina: What do you mean, weird noises?