Dark Prince Bakuustorm is the second son of Darkstorm's generation. He lost his eldest sister to the great war on

Mobius between the Dark Leigonares and the Freedom Fighters, and his mother was slain by a vampire slayer who couldn't let go of the past. He constantly searches for his lost mate Espiata and his kits in the main continuity, but his searching causes him to be obsessive and tunnel visioned. He also possesses a nasty attitude.


To Be Continued...

Friends and Family

  • Espiata the Echidna Dragon Hybrid/Natasha Moore (Wife)
  • Nina the Two Tailed Cachidna (Daughter)
  • Zeenahk the Two tailed dragon Halfbreed (Son)
  • Angela the Mink-Cat Hybrid (daughter)
  • Tempest the Sabre Mink (son)
  • Nokomi (stepdaughter)
  • Tenome Actu-Sin (daughter)
  • Teniahk Actu-sin (Little sister)
  • Terra Actu-sin (younger sister)
  • Drakon-Actu-sin (Forgotten older brother)
  • Darkstorm (Actu-sin) the Halfbreed (Father)
  • Keera Secula (Mother)
  • Dameon-Actu-sin (Baby brother)
  • Hunter-Actu-Sin Indrani Barator
  • Sasha-Actu-Sin Indrani Barator
  • Snowstorm Barator (Evil grandfather)
  • Dromeostorm Barator (Evil uncle)
  • Frostless Nemaru (Aunt)
  • Mata (wife in alternate continuity)
  • Nathan Torres (best friend)




  • White fur with black undertone under eyes, on nose base and near tail tips (reversed in his dark form)
  • Black pants and leather jacket
  • Black shirt
  • Muscular
  • Vampiric fangs (they extend in his Sabre form)
  • Fingerless biker gloves
  • Wedding band
  • Dreadlocked hair (grey hair; turns red in dark form)