The dangerous pack of rogue wolves are led by the Ruthless Lord Everburn and his wife Lyra Wolf. They are willing to kill certain wolves that believe that the old rules are ok and will accept new wolves that prefer their rules to allow mother to stay in the tribe/pack and keep their pups allowing Everburn fix the problem that is aling the pup.

(Anyone can make the clan symbol)


  • Lord Everburn
  • Lyra "Nimaudire" (Born in the MacLupay Clan, though not offcially a member of the clan)
  • Shade MacLupay (Abandoned her clan, the MacLupay Clan. She was apart of the Red Mist Pack *Clans in the WOTB universe have multiple packs which a wolf is assigned to join*)
  • Jaden


  1. Pledge your aledgence to the Pack leaders
  2. Let the shadow inside take over and empower you
  3. Never leave because of pup defection 
  4. Kill those who will not accept what we offer
  5. Recruit those want to leave their old ways and become one of us
  6. Never betray the leaders, penalty is DEATH
  7. Come to one of the leaders if you want your pups to be trained
  8. Talk to the leaders at any time if you have something on your mind

Pups born into the clanEdit

  1. Jaden the Half-wolf (Son of Lyra and Everburn)