Dameon Tomola-Actu-Sin is the third eldest of Darkstorm and Shoko's offspring.

Some attributes
First Darkstorm (Actu-sin) the Halfbreed (Father), Shoko Indrani (Mother), Bakuustorm the Two Tailed Cat Halfbreed (Older half-brother), Teniahk the Wolf Halfbreed (Older sister), Terra the Wolf Halfbreed (Older sister), Erin the Halfdemon Wolf (Younger sister), Mi-actu-sin (Deceased Grandmother), Dromeostorm the Dromeosaur Halfbreed (Evil uncle), Snowstorm the Conqueror (Evil grandfather), Frostless Nemaru (Aunt)
Second Demonic powers: Energy Ball, Fire Ball, Dark Lightning, Ice Claws, Wing Blade

Dragonic Powers: Fire Breath (Red or black), Ice Breath

Apocalypse Power: (Taught by his dad) Apocalypse Blast

Third Weapons: Claws, fangs, Shuriken, and katana
Other attributes
Fourth Martial Arts: Jujutsu and TaiJutsu
Fifth Elemental Power: Ice and Fire, learning the rest.
Sixth Voice Actors: Unknown

History (Only Darkest and Venom can edit)Edit

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Personality (Only Darkest and Venom can edit)Edit

Dameon possesses his father's badass attitude which gets him into trouble with his parents. Although his older brother hangs with him, Dameon spends alot of his time with his girlfriend, Jessica "Jessie" Vekers. Dameon tends to act like a ladies man at times but he is true to Jessie. He tends to get snappy and has somewhat of a short temper when his older brother, Bakuu, picks on him. Even though he isn't a two tailed cat, Dameon can still be next in line for his fathers throne as Drak'Vorkata.

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