This is the story of how Darkstorm and Shoko met.

RolePlay (free-join) Edit

Unexpected meeting Edit

An anthropomorphic wolf is seen meditating in the forest, a wanderer of some sorts.

A Yautjan Badblood drop from the tree's

She notices, growling; she assumes the extraterrestrial hunter is hostile.

it looks at her and attacks

A spear flies right past her and impales the Badblood, killing it

She snarls, turning around.

3 hunters decloak one more human-like than the others

The wolf circles them.

teh two larger hunters go to teh dead badblood paying her no mind

The human-like looks her straight in the eyes

She walks off.

he blocks her attempts

The Wolf: (sighs) "What now...?"

the being doesn't answer her and tosses some dust in her face

She rubs her eyes, growling.

he pins her and uses a sleep spell on her

She is rendered partially unconscious.

When she wakes she finds herself on a pile of soft leaves

The Wolf: (rubs her head) "What happened...?"

???: You slept

The wolf snarls, circling.

???: Don't bother, I am not on the ground

The Wolf: "...Hmph. Who are you, anyway?"

???: Just a hunter getting justice for a fallen brother

The Wolf: "... Uh, try to be more specific? The name's Shoko, by the way; don't you forget it."

Darkstorm: I am Darkstorm, I shall not forget your name

She smirks.

Dark drops down to her view

Shoko: "I'm not trying to pry in, but why did you prevent me from leaving? And what was worth throwing that dust in my eyes...?"

Darkstorm: If a prey item runs the hunters give chase, my brothers didn't know you where a girl due to your, ahem, clothing style

Shoko: "Yeah... TOTALLY not sexist statement, there."

Darkstorm: Forgive my wording but my brothers hunt males, and you pass for a male

Shoko growls, still offended.

Darkstorm extends his blades

She growls.

Darkstorm: hmmm

Shoko: "What?"

the blades go back in his gauntlet

Darkstorm: I won't fight you

Shoko: "Hmph..."

he walks right at her

She crosses her arms.

he extends his wings

Shoko growls, walking off.

Darkstorm: wolves

She continues to meditate.

she hears the clashing of blades

Her ears perk up.

Its Dark training one of the unblooded warriors

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Darkstorm knocks the teenage warrior to the ground

She smirks and continues on.

A blood hunter stalks her

Shoko picks up its scent easily, extending her claws giggling.

Shoko: "I haven't had a good fight in a while..."

It slashes through her claws

She howls and bites through its neck, her teeth sinking in deep.

it punches her throat

Her tightens her grip.

this Yautjuan is stronger and punches her jaw

She lets go.

Darsktorm smokes in and heals her

Darkstorm:(In yautjan) You'd dare dishonor yourself, attacking a female.

Shoko: "..."

The Yautjan walks off

Shoko: "Thanks... I could've suffocated him easily, but meh."

Darkstorm: Sorrily you wouldn't, Yautjan warriors go for soft tissue, mainly the gut or the throat, yours is exposed, one whipe of a blade is the end of your life

Shoko: "I see..."

Darkstorm: (tosses her a blade)

Shoko: "... Sorry, I don't do well with swords. I prefer staffs, personally."

Darkstorm:(Extends his combi-stick and tosses it to her)

Shoko: "You want me to train...?"

Darkstorm:(extends a wrist blade) yes

She walks off.

Darkstorm: figured

(the next day)

Darkstorm sharpening his blades

Shoko: (hunting)

Darkstorm: watching her)

She takes down a wild pig.

he sticks to the tree line

She feeds.

Darkstorm: hmmmmmm

Shoko: "...What?"

He jumps down

She sighs.

Darkstorm: why must one like yourself hunt with no clan?

Shoko: "Because most wolves just happen to be solitary... what, did you expect a group with me?" (scoffs)

Darkstorm: Exactly

She places a paw upon her face, sighing.

Darkstorm:(Strokes her cheek)

She growls a warning.

A black and White blur jumps her

Shoko: "Huh?!"

Darkstorm: Bakuu get off her now

the young cub gets off her

Shoko: "Who's the little ba- I mean, who's the kid?"

Darkstorm: My son is no bastard, his mother was murdered

Shoko: "...I see."

Bakuu hisses

Shoko scoffs.

Darkstorm: tred light Wolf, my son is not to be underestimated

She sighs.

Bakuu: hisses

She Barks at the cub.

He bits her paw his small saber teeth dig I

Shoko grabs her arm in slight pain, lowering her ears.

She starts to feel light headed


Bakuu lets go lowering his ears

Datrkstorm tending to Shoko

Shoko: "... Thanks."

he wraps her wound

Shoko goes to meditate.

The next day, she had left.

Darkstorm: hmmmm

She is nowhere to be found in the dense jungle.

Darkstorm returns to his camp

Shoko: (fighting a fox over a fresh carcass she had killed)

the fox barks

She barks back, extending her claws and slashing its neck.

it yelps

Darkstorm appears

Shoko: (snarls, baring her teeth) "Why the hell are you here?!"

He flicks her nose with his tail

Shoko: -ㅁ- "Very amusing..."

Darkstorm heals the fox and rips off a piece of  Shoko's kill


Mutual interest Edit

(weeks later)

Shoko is seen walking through the streets with her pitbull boyfriend.

a young halfling runs past them

The pitbull ignores, groping Shoko; she gives out a low growl.

Darkstorm: Smokes in and chases the white blurr)

Shoko: "...."

Darkstorm:stops and see's her

Shoko: "... What?"

Bakuu:(mews to his dad)

Darkstorm: (See's teh Pitbull and growls) move your hand mutt

They walk off.

Darkstorm: had recently been biten by an alpha wolf, so his rage is a bit uncontrolable)

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Bakuu:(lowers his ears)

Darkstorm: Calms down and runs to the Arena)

He nuzzles his boyfriend, urging him to go; he reluctantly goes to the arena, as well.

announcer: welcome to 7th annual DEATHMATCH

The pitbull crosses his arms, sighing.

Several thousand fans cheer for blood

Announcer: In one corner the scourge of Malbora, MALAMUTE.

a Husky-Wolf hybrid walks out

Shoko: "Eh..."

Announcer: and Presenting the Dragon Slayer himself, the King of Apocalia, the Leader of the Silver Wolf Pack, DARKSTORM

Darkstorm: runs out in dragon skin armor roaring loud)

the fans chant his name

Shoko joins in; the pitbull simply scoffs.

Announcer: Uh oh look like we have a hater in the crowd ( the camera zooms in on the pittbull)

the fans boo at him

Annoucer: for shame, shall we throw him in

Fans: THROW HIM IN (X10)

He sweats, whimpering.

Announcer: oh whats wrong baby wants his mommy

the fans laugh

Darkstorm: grabs them mic) HEY SHOW SOME RESPECT, Would any of you want to fight dragon slayer

it gets dead quiet

Darkstorm: Thought so, now sit back and watch the show

Announcer: let the MATCH BEGIN

Shoko squees in excitement.

Darkstorm grabs a dragon sword

Chad: "..."

Dark attacks the Malamute brutally

Shoko smirks, watching.

The malamute drops to the ground

Announcer: Does he kill him or let him live

The fans put their thumbs down

She joins in.

Darkstorm: plunges his claws in the mutts back and rips out his spine and skull, he roars)

(back stage)

Shoko: (walking around, looking for Dark)

Darkstorm: Miss Shoko

Shoko: "Hmmm? Oh... hey."

Darkstorm: want an autograph or do wish my council

Shoko: "....I just wanted to chat, y'know."

Darkstorm: I got time before the next match, who's the pittbull

Shoko: "He's, uh..." (lowers her ears, blushing) "He's my boyfriend, Chad."

Darkstorm: I see, well he is lucky that he isn't the next contestant

Shoko: (growls) "Hey..."

Darkstorm:(Eyes turning wolf-like) remember I saved him from being slaughtered, I could have let him be thrown in

Shoko: (crosses her arms) "True."

Darkstorm: so came to watch the carnage (changing a bandage on his arm and having a very hard time doing it)

Shoko: "No..."

Darkstorm: I heard you chanting

Shoko: "Well, the thing is..." (sighs) "Screw it, I'll stay for another match."

Darkstorm: No say what you were gonna say

Shoko: "It's fine."

He nuzzles her gently and heads off to get read for match 2

She heads back to her and Chad's booth, only to find her boyfriend not present.

the fans chant for Darkstorm

Shoko: "..."

Dark walks out sword in hand

The next day.

Darkstorm:(yawns rubbing his temples)

Shoko: (asleep)

Darkstorm: Groans hungover)

She yawns and goes to sharpen her claws.

Darkstorm: hello shoko

Shoko: "............"

Dark freezes

Shoko: "What."

Darkstorm: well, you're still dating Chad and you're in my home

She facepalms.

Darkstorm: He left ya huh

Shoko: "Uh... ya."

Darkstorm: Sorry I have no memory of last night, I remember being in pain and then black out

Shoko: "I see, man."

Darkstorm: did I hurt you in anyway

Shoko: "No..."

Darkstorm: Why don't we find Chad

She nods in agreement.

Darkstorm:(Leves to give her some privacy)

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

(in the garage)

Darkstorm: waits for her next to his jeep

She arrives.

Darkstorm gets in and belts himself

She also get in.

He start the car and drives her to Chad's

Chad is seen unconscious, having suffered from a hangover.

Dark pounds on the door

No answer.

Darkstorm: Open up

Shoko kicks down the door.

Darkstorm: Overdone

Shoko: "Fuck off, then..." (walks off)

Darkstorm:Stays out of her way on this)

Shoko: (sharpens her claws, growling)

Darkstorm: hmmm

The next day, Shoko is back to residing in the forest, having left Chad.

Bakuu is heard giggling

Shoko: "Huh?"

Bakuu is playing with wolf pups

Shoko: "Hmm...."

Dark isn't far

She meditates.

Darsktorm: hello

Shoko: "Hello... you. What're you doing here?"

Darkstorm:Twas not my decision, my son decided to run here to play

Shoko: "....Hmph."

he mews happy

She crosses her arms.

he jumps into her lap purring

Shoko: "...."

He nuzzles her

Shoko: (sets him down) "Beat it, kid."

He goes back to her

Darkstorm: my Son attaches to anyone that can be a motherly figure, and by the looks of it he likes you

Shoko: "... I'm not really fond of children."

Darkstorm: I dunno about that you look like a natural

She growls.

Darkstorm: don't take it like an insult

Shoko: "...Fine."

Darkstorm: Wanna hang out some time

She shrugs.

he nuzzles

Shoko: "Heh... so, you mean like a date, or just as friends?" (blushes)

Darkstorm: Could be both depending as long as we don't attempt to kill each other

Shoko: (chuckles)

Dark nuzzles her

She blushes lightly.

(weeks later)

Shoko: (meditating)

Bakuu sneakin up on her

She had been dating Dark for three weeks by this point.

he pounces

She yelps, startled.

Bakuu mews

Shoko: "Hmmm... just you."

he purrs

She pushes him off.

he growls fangs extending

Shoko: "Bipolar little cub, are you?"

Darkstorm: not bipolar, he gets angry or offended easily

Shoko: "I see."

Darkstorm: he respects you believe me but he wants to be loved back

Shoko: "...."

Bakuu nuzzles

She barks happily.

Darkstorm:smiles, in love)

Shoko: ^_^

he nuzzles her

She kisses him.

he kisses her back

She blushes.

he chuckles and nuzzles her

Shoko: =3

Darkstorm:(Heads to his Jeep) Care to join me at my home

Shoko: "Sure, why not?"

At The Manor Edit

Darkstorm: Welcome to my home

She glances around for a couple of seconds.

She see's weapons of all sorts

Shoko: "Hmm..."

Darkstorm: welcome to my home

She nods.

Darkstorm: feel free to look around

She walks around the house.

A maid walks out

She greets her.

she bows her head

Shoko: ?

Darkstorm: the maids are very formal, I try to tell them not to but the wont

Shoko: "I see."

A female guard walks past

Shoko: "..."

more maids walk in and escort her to a fitting room

She growls.

they size her for clothes

She struggles.

a wolfling growls

Shoko: ?

Darkstorm: they are very persistent

She nods.

Darkstorm: Maids, leave her be

they back off

Shoko: "..."

Darkstorm: hands her some buffalo leather clothes

She puts them on.

Darkstorm: I hope they are too your liking

Shoko: "Heh, they are."

Darkstorm: Grabs his bow)

Shoko: ?

Darkstorm: something wrong

Shoko:  "No..."

he hands her a bow

(That Night)

Shoko: (about to head home)

Darkstorm I hope you enjoyed your time

She nods.

he kisses her cheek good night

She giggles and heads off.

Darkstorm:(turns to stone for the night)

The next day.

Darkstorm: roars awake)

Shoko knocks on the door.

Darkstorm: (Opens it he has a bad case of bed head)

Shoko: "Hey..."

Darkstorm:(Blushes) Hi *Trying fix his hair but it goes back to bed head*

She giggles.

Darkstorm: I am so sorry, this never happened before

Shoko: "It's fine."

Darkstorm:(runs his head in hot water) make yourself comfy

Bakuu:(pounces her)

Shoko rolls her eyes, tickling him.

He squirms laughing

there is another knock on the door

Darkstorm: I will get it

She nods.

he opens it and Crucible is at the door

She growls.

Crucible: Growls at her)

Darkstorm:(Stomps on his tail)

Crucible yelps

She walks off.

Bakuu follows his step mom

Shoko: "...."

he attempts to play

She sighs.

he lowers his ears

She wishes to take her relationship with Dark further, wondering if he'll propose any time soon.

Darkstorm: Looks at the ring he bought with Bakuu's help, he hopes that he will keep her distracted to he can get the diamond in)

Shoko: "..."

He hides it

She walks toward him.

he blushes

Shoko: "Is there something you want...?"

Darkstorm: I wanted to wait but, Shoko Indrani (Kneels)

She gasps.

Darkstorm: will you make me the happiest man ever (Holds out the near completed ring)

Shoko: "Yes~!" (hugs him)

Meeting the in laws (Dark's side of the family) Edit

Darkstorm:(training with his future mate)

Shoko: "..."

Darkstorm: Spin Flame kicks) Something on your mind hon

Shoko: "Well, since we're engaged now, we should probably introduce our family's to each other."

Darkstorm:(Stops) You mean you meet my family and I meet yours

She nods.

Darkstorm: Ok let me get the manor ready then

Shoko: "Alright."

(Hours later the manor is in top shape)

Darkstorm:(Uttering a spell to bring his mother to the land of the living)

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

She flies down on angel wings

Mi-Actu-Sin: Darky

Darkstorm: Mom

Shoko: "Heh..." (waves) "Mi-Actu-Sin, correct? Nice to meet you."

Mi-Actu-Sin:(Giggles) Its nice to meet you too Shoko

She scratches her head, smiling.

Shoko: ^_^


She sits down.

Darkstorm goes to make lunch

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Mi-actu-sin: So dear tell me about your self

Shoko: "Um... well, I'm from Idrani Pack close to the taigas. My father died when I was about two or so, so I never really got to know him. My mother had to raise me alone since she never remarried. Anyway, I'm a huntress. You know, helping my pack around..."

Mi-Actu-Sin: I see, did my Darky mention i was murdered by...

Snowstorm: By me (Growls)

Shoko: "Oh... hey."

Dromeo: if it isn't Darks next new one


She snarls.

Darkstorm:(Slugs his dad)

Shoko: "Hmph..."

Snowstrom: Growls)

Mi-Actu-Sin: you can see that I have no love for my son's father

She nods.


Shoko: "So... why don't you just kick them out if they resent you two so much? I mean it's common sense."

Darkstorm: tried, their names keep popping back on the family tree.

Shoko: "I see."

Darkstorm: mhm

Meeting the in Laws (Shoko's side) Edit

Shoko: (traveling through her native pack)

Darkstorm:(Sticking to the tree lines)

Many old friends of hers greet her.

Dark steps on a twig

Shoko: ?

Darkstorm: bird calls)

She heads to her mother's house.

He follows

She knocks.

Darkstorm: hmmmm

Shoko's mother answers.

dark smokes in

She greets her son-in-law to be.

He chuckles

Shoko: "Heh."

Darkstorm: So Mrs. Indrani, Shoko and I are having a hard time finding a church

Shoko's Mother: "Hmmm, there's a nice temple in our pack. I was thinking the two of you could be wedded there~." ^^

Darkstorm: Shoko?

Shoko: "I'm fine with it."

Darkstorm: Ok then

Wedding and Birth Edit

Shoko: (preparing for the wedding)

Dark Maids help with her dress

She groans, thinking that the dress she chose is too tight.

Dark Maid: something wrong

Shoko: "Dress is too tight, I think."

The maid uses her magic to make the dress fit her

Shoko: "Thanks."

Maid: your welcome my lady

something kicks in Shoko

Shoko: "Eh?"

Bride Maid: Mistress its time

She walks to the altar.

Dark is on the other end, as she walks Yautjan Warriors for the wolf clan decloak

Shoko: "..."

Darkstorm:(whispers) Trust me they are harmless for now

Shoko nods.

Pastor: Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Darkstorm-Actu-Sin and Shoko Indrani in holy matrimony

Shoko glances at Dark.

Darkstorm: smiles)

Pastor: Do you Darkstorm-actu-sin do you take Shoko Indrani as your wife, in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Darkstorm: I do

Pastor: Do you Shoko Indrani take Darkstorm-Actu-Sin as your husband, in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Shoko: "I do."

Pastor: By the powers invested in me I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride

Before Dark can do so Shoko's water breaks

She panicks.

Darkstorm: MEDIC

She groans as she enters labor.

She is rushed to her moms home with doctors waiting

She screams in pain.

Darkstorm holding her hand

She crushes it.

Darkstorm:(Gasps and drops to the floor)

(hours later)

Baby girl:(Crying)

Her slightly older twin brother is fast asleep.

Darkstorm:(smiling at his new pups_

Shoko licks them clean.

Teniahk: fussing a bit)

Tosha: ^.^

Darkstorm:(Low purr growls)

Shoko smiles.

Teniahk:(Touches her dads nose)

She giggles.


(the next day)

Teniahk:(Playing with her moms tail)

Shoko: "Heh." (still has somewhat of a belly, since she just gave birth yesterday)

Teniahk:(Noms it)

She nuzzles her daughter.

Darkstorm: playing with tosha)

He yips.

His tail sways

Tosha paws at his muzzle, giggling.

he chuckles

Tosha: :3

Dark turns wolf and licks his face

He yips.

he play barks wagging his tail

He noms his wolfy ears.

Darkstorm: Play growls and pins)

He lowers his ears.

he licks his little face

He calms, his ears slowly perking up.

Darkstorm:(Licks him clean)

Tosha: =3

He picks him up by his scruff

Tosha: ?

Darkstorm: (sets him on the bed and covers him) Where'd Tosha go

He pops his head out, tilting it.

Darkstorm: There he is (nuzzles)

He yips, hungry.

Shoko picks him up, letting him suckle.

A winter trip Edit

Shoko: (packing various things up for the visit)

Darkstorm: Item check, Winter clothes?

She nods.

Darkstorm: Fur blankets

Shoko; "Mhm..."

Darkstorm: 3 days worth of food and water?

She nods.

Darkstorm:Ok I think we are good for go

Shoko: "Alright."

Darkstorm:(Picks up Teniahk and Tosha putting then in the fur bag to keep them warm)

Tosha: (yips, wagging his tail)


Shoko giggles.

Darkstorm:(Puts his hood on) lets go

She walks out of the house.

the winter freeze hits them

She shivers.


She smiles.

He gets on his horse

She gets on the back of it.

Darkstorm:(smiles and kisses her)

Teniahk:(Coo's happy)

Tosha holds on to his blanket tightly.

they ride to the mountains

Teniahk: giggles)

Shoko: ^^

Darkstorm:(Pops a red flare)

Shoko: "..."

the area gets darker

She falls asleep.

Teniahk:(Playing with tosha)

He giggles.

Two white Horses trot up

Rider 1: Lord storm


They are escorted to a ice castle

She gazes at it.

Frostless: DARKY-KUN (Glomps Darkstorm)

Darkstorm: GAH, Shoko meet my sister

Frostless:( Nuzzling and purring)

She holds out a hand, sweating.


Frostless:(see's Teniahk and Tosha) EEEEE~ (Hugs them)

He wags his tail.


Frostless:(purring) My little niece and nephew are SO CUTE

Shoko: "Heh."

Darkstorm: AHEM

Frostless: yes big brother

Darkstorm: calm yourself

Shoko: "She's pretty hyper..."

Darkstorm: she has been couped up here for a while

Shoko: "I see."

Frostless: purring)

Tosha: (yawns)

teniahk yips

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Frostless: come inside

Shoko: "Alright."

its surprisingly warm inside

She takes a seat.

Reses: (walking by)

Frostless: Hey sweetie

Darkstorm: Hmmm

Reses waves, in his species' (arctic fox) trademark winter coat.

Nima:(Their daughter, comes out from behind her dads leg)

Reses: "Heh..."

Darkstorm: well hello there little one

Teniahk:(tilts her small head)

Shoko: ^-^

Nima: hides

He sweats.

Darkstorm: She is shy

That night)

Shoko: (getting ready for bed)

Dark and Frosty have the gifts for the kids under the tree

Shoko: ?

Darkstorm gets into bed

She follows him in.

Dark yawns tired

She sleeps.


(That morning)

Shoko: (meditating inside)

Teniahk playign with her stuffed snake

Shoko: "..."

she shakes it around

Shoko groans.

Teniahk: goes to her mom nuzzling)

Tosha: (gumming his mother's tail)

Darkstorm: heh

Tosha's hunter Edit

Teniahk: Playing with her brother)

Tosha: :3 (yips)

Darkstorm: (Painting his mate)

Shoko: ?

he is painting her portrait

She stands still.

he really gets her good side

Darkstorm: take five hon

Her ears perk up; she hears Tosha's screams from a distance.

Darkstorm: Tosha (Picks her up and smokes to him)

He is seen mangled and barely alive.

Dark goes to heal him

He glances at his parents, tears in his eyes; takes his last breathes.

Darkstorm:No no no no (Tearing up)

Shoko begins to tear up, as well.

Shoko: (punches the ground) "D-damn it... if I had been watching him..."

Teniahk barking at the man who attacked her brother

She glances at the man and snarls.

Shoko: "You bastard..."

Man: please spare me

Darkstorm: You murdered an innocent child, my son, why should I or my mate

She pins the man's throat.

Man: I was hired

Darkstorm: Shoko, do your worst till he talks

She tightens her grip.

Man: Some guy, Dromeo

Darkstorm: Kill him

She unsheathes her pocket knife, slitting the bastard's throat.

Darkstorm:(turning feral) Lets go hunt my brother shall we

She nods in agreement.

(At Dromeo's home)

Shoko: (knocks down the front door, growling)

Darkstorm:(Kicks the door down, full feral)

She has visible veins around her eyes.

Dromeo: oh balls (growls)

She howls, attacking.

Dromeo kicks her face

She groans.

Darkstorm attacks

She spits out a tooth, grabbing her jaw in pain.

Darkstorm breaks Dromeo's legs and tends to his mate

She groans.

Dromeo: so weak, can't even kill me

Darkstorm: you murdered your nephew

Shoko: "..."

Dromeo: He was a mutt like your mate

She growls, clawing at his chest.

he growls

She pins his throat.

Darkstorm: I should have killed you, now you die here (Breaks Dromeo's arms) you shall not escape

Shoko bites down on his throat.

Dromeo dies bloody

She wipes the blood off of her mouth.

Dark sets the place aflame

The AftermathEdit

Shoko: (weeping into her pillow)

the guards keep their distance

Darkstorm walks in to comfort his wife

She glances at him, tears in her eyes.

he nuzzles her gently 

She sobs harder into the tear-stained pillow.

Darkstorm:Holds her close)

She sniffles.

he hugs her

Shoko: "..."

Darkstorm: It wasn't our fault hon, we couldn't have foreseen it

Shoko: "It was. Had we been watching him, he might've made it alive."

Darkstorm: (hugs her strokes her hair)

She sighs.


Shoko: "...."

Darkstorm: smiels and nuzzles his daughter)

She walks out.

Bakuu:(Mourning the loss)

Darkstorm Goes after his mate)

She growls, punching into the manor wall outside in rage.

Darkstorm: hmmmm

Her fist starts to bleed after doing it repeatedly.

Dark heals her

She snarls, walking off; it's obviously clear to him that she wishes to be left alone in isolation.

Darkstorm:(Still worries for her safety)

She feels kicking in her stomach; they had mated with each other prior to Tosha's death.

Dark starts to go to her

She walks off again, still wanting to be alone.


(days later)

Shoko: (depressed)

Dark walks up

Shoko: (sighs) "Can it not be more obvious? I don't want anyone's company..."

Darsktorm: you forget Hon, I am here to help, you can't go through with being alone

She rolls her eyes, rubbing her stomach; it is slightly bigger from before.

Darkstorm: If not for me do it for the baby (Rubs her tummy)

The baby kicks.

Darkstorm nuzzles)

She smiles.

he kisses her

She moans in lust.

Teniahk yips

She breaks the kiss, glancing at her daughter.

Her tail wags wanting to play

She tickles her.

she laughs

She is reminded of her daughter's twin brother, lowering her ears.

She nips at them

She sighs.

Darkstorm: Shoko, she helped bring justice to Tosha, and right now she will need us both to be strong (His journal drops, a new entry is in it)

Shoko: "Hmmm?"

the pages are stained with his tears)

She lowers her ears.

Darkstorm: sorry you saw that

Shoko: "Looks like we're on the same page, then... um, no pun intended."

Darsktorm: its ok

Shoko: "...Alright."


Family problems (Bakuu v. Terra) Edit

Darkstorm:(Coughing, is sick with the flu, tends to be a bit short tempered when sick)

Terra: (had recently been born; asleep)

Bakuu is down for is nap)

Shoko puts Terra in her crib.

Teniahk shares teh room with Terra

She walks out.

Darkstorm:(Blows his nose, coughing as well)

Shoko: "Eh."

Darkstorm: Blasted Terran pathogens

Shoko: (had recovered from her own case of the flu recently) "Isn't earth lovely?"

Darkstorm: Not During Flu season

Shoko: (sighs) "I'm assuming sarcasm doesn't exist on your planet."

Darkstorm: you never saw a halfling lie have you

Shoko: "Technically, sarcasm isn't letting anyway..."

Darkstorm:(snorres, had fallen asleep)

Shoko facepalms.

Darkstorm:(the veins around his forehead more noticable)

(with Terra)

Teniahk snoozes)

Bakuu: yawns waking up)

Terra awakens as well, wanting out of her crib.

a maid walks in and lets her out

She crawls toward her brother.

Bakuu:(Noming on the parasites on his wings)

She yanks his tail.

he shrieks in pain and looks at her

She yips, wagging her tail.

He walks off to get a drink

She lowers her ears, whining.

he returns

She barks.

He sighs and flicks her nose with his tail

She whimpers.

he stalks a mouse

She watches.

Bakuu pounces and crunches on it

Terra: "..."

he gulps it down

She yips, wanting to play.

Bakuu: Looks at her and sniffs)

Her tail wags.

he noms her tail

She yelps.

he picks her up

Terra: ?

he plays with her

She giggles.

Bakuu: begins to get rough)

She yelps.

He titls his head

She lowers her ears, whimpering.

He walks off

She yawns, rapidly falling asleep.

Bakuu: (training in the courtyard)

Shoko checks on him.

Bakuu:(Clawing at a targets throat)

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Bakuu:(growls slashing with his foot claws the head rolling off)

She smirks.

Bakuu:(Ears Twitch) yes ma?

Shoko: "Nothing, nothing "

he nuzzles up to her purring

She yips.

Bakuu:(holds her hand)

Shoko: "Heh..."

he purrs

Shoko: ^^

(Next Day)

Bakuu:(pounces his baby sister)

Terra: "?!"

he noms her ear

She giggles.

He purrs

She yips.

He plays with her

Darkstorm: Smiles, coughing a bit

Shoko: ^^

Bakuu starts to get a bit rough

She yelps.

He smirks, he used to play rough with his dad, he doesn't know things a different since his mom is a wolf not a sabre cat

Her ear starts bleeding, slightly; he left a notch in it.

Darsktorm: Roars)

She sniffles.

Bakuu lowers his ears

Darkstorm heals it as best he can

The notch still remains in her right ear.

Bakuu runs off shamed

She rubs the affected ear with her small paw.

Darkstorm licks her cheek and cradles her

Terra yawns, falling fast asleep.

He puts her in the play pin to nap

Darkstorm: she is so adorable when she sleeps huh shoko

She nods.

Darkstorm: Kisses her) Bakuu didn't mean to you know that right

She nods.

Darkstorm :(licks)

Shoko: ^.^

Trouble with parenting Edit

Terra: :3 (chasing a grasshopper on all fours)

Bakuu:( watching her) She giggles.

he stops her from getting too far from his watchful eyes)

She whines in disappointment.

Teniahk:(Chasing a mouse)

Terra: (smirks, attempting to pursue a squirrel)

He pins her tail

She growls.

He picks her up

Terra: "Wet me go!" xc

he plops her in the nest

She whimpers, lowering her ears.

he begins bathing her

She squirms.

Darkstorm:(Returns with his mate)

Shoko drops their kill down.

Teniahk drops teh mouse she was toying with

Shoko: "..."

Teniahk yips

Shoko: "..."

Darkstorm: Already becoming a little huntress.

She nods.


Terra: (asleep)

Bakuu tickles)

She awakens, giggling.

Bakuu: Dinner time

Terra: :3 "M'kay!"

Bakuu: picks her up)

Terra: ^w^

he plops her on the fresh kill

She digs her small fangs in.

Bakuu feeds

Shoko feeds, as well.

Teniahk:(Doing tug-of-war with the liver with her mom)

She wins.

Teniahk whines

Shoko: (sighs, pitying her)

she puppy eyes her

She nudges it to her.

Teniahk noms nuzzling her mom

Terra groans, full.

Darsktorm picks her up

She falls asleep.

he smiles

Shoko smiles.

Darkstorm kisses his mate

Shoko: ^///^

Darkstorm: she is so cute

Shoko: "Yeah..."

Darkstorm: SHe gets it from you

She blushes.

he nuzzles her

Shoko: :3

(End of Daroko Part 1)