Episode four of season two.


Darkstorm: You banished my son

Scar: "I had no choice. Besides, I am the king now. If I want, I can also have you outcasted from the Pride Lands."

Darkstorm: Watch your tone Taka, you maybe king but I have a hard time believing that Simba is dead.

Scar walks off to his den.

Darkstorm:( heads off, walksing past Zira and her hunting group)

Nala: (in her young adulthood; sprinting off with cub Mheetu in her mouth, going to find help)

Dark flies after her

A hyena attack her; she drops Mheetu because of this, but keeps on ruining.

dark attempts to go back to get Mheetu

A heavy fog rolls in.

Darsktorm: Mheetu

???: Don't worry young prince, I got you

Mheetu: "Huh...?"

Young Everburn:(Grabs him and fireports back to scar)

He struggles, biting Everburn's paw.

Young Everburn:(Sets him infront of his father)

Mheetu: (sprints off; Scar sends the hyenas after him)

Darkstorm Scoops him up 

He drops him and Mheetu is lost into the sandstorm once more, this time for good.

Darkstorm:(Flies to Nala)

Nala: (continuing to sprint)

Darkstorm: Nala we're in the clear

Nala: (panting) "Alright."

Darkstorm:(Pulls out his water supply taking a swig ) want some?

She takes a drink.

Darkstorm: We best keep going

She finishes, nodding.

Darkstorm:(Walking next to her)

As the night sky darkens further, she begins to feel fatigued.

Darkstorm: Nala we must set camp, if you push yourself to hard you might die before we find help

Nala: "Fine... but I'll only be resting for a few hours."

Darkstorm:(sets up camp)

She lies down upon the ground yawning.

Darkstorm: hands her some meat)

She feeds.

Darkstorm: yawns)

Nala: (finishes up, slowly falling asleep)

dark sleeps)

(the next day, they begin to reach part of a jungle)

Darkstorm:(Skin had gotten sun burnt)

She wanders through.

Darkstorm:(Skin Shedding)

She sprints toward the jungle area.

he follows stomache Growling

She manages to track down the scent of a warthog.

Darkstorm: you lead

She does so, staying low to the ground.

dark stays low

The warthog notices her and she gives chase.

Darkstorm: follows hoping to lead pumbaa into the kill zone) I'll go left Nala (flanks the warthog on the left roaring)

(Pumbaa get stuck in a log; they see a meerkat)

Meerkat: Pumbaa?



Timon: (trying to push Pumbaa out) Why do I always have to save your- (screams)

Nala lunges.


Suddenly, a young adult Simba attacks Nala.

Darkstorm: What the (Looks at Pumbaa and Timon approaching)

Simba: (pinned by Nala, getting a closer look at her) Nala?

Nala: (startled, getting off) Who are you?

Simba: It's me, Simba...

Nala: Simba...?

(Both start to get excited)

Timon: ("WTF" expression)

Darkstorm: Wait Hold up.

Nala: ?

Darkstorm looks at Simba