Sponge's CharactersEdit

  1. Jack the Hedgehog
  2. Patricia the Skunk
  4. Dr. EggPlankton
  5. HenchCombots
    1. Redbot
    2. Yellowbot
    3. Greenbot
    4. Bluebot
  6. Layla the FoxSkunk
  7. Kai the Hedgehog
  8. Zane the Gorilla
  9. Ed Wreck
  10. Double G
  11. Eddy Green
  12. Angry Ogun

Venom's CharactersEdit

  1. Lyra
  2. Shade
  3. Artica
  4. Makeena
  5. Akida
  6. Kimber-Lee the Echidna
  7. Uriah the Echidna
  8. Eclipse the Kitsune
  9. Kafei
  10. Basi
  11. Maylala
  12. Abla
  13. Bopo

Darkest's CharactersEdit

  • Lord Everburn
  • Dark Lord Darkstorm
  • Teniahk
  • Bakuu
  • Night Feather
  • Darien the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Hedgecat
  • Jaden the Halfling

Birth and Escape (G.U.N Laboratories)Edit

A young embryo is developing in a vat of green liquid, it hears the babbles of its creators

Scientist: So you see sir the subject has survied the longest than specimen's 1-8, specimen 9, code named: Everburn, will be ready for combat soon Commander

(2 weeks later)

the embryo developes slowly and the artifical womb is formed

Scientist: It has been two weeks and Everburn has progressed in his development stage, he will be ready for birthing soon, our ultimate bioweapon against Halflings will be ready

(Another 2 weeks)

Baby Everburn:(Growls)

Scientist: THe Specimen is now a youngling, but is extremely agressive to any of the other scientists and guards, I am sending in a special guard to put him down, this is a failiure

(A highly ranked guard rushes down)

Everburn:(attacks the guard)

The scientists try run but are slaughtered in a sudden fire

Everburn:(Runs to the African Wilderness)

Raised by Lions (Venom and Darkest only)Edit

Everburn:(Still young, but has been wandering around for days, he has wandered into someone elses territory, he bumps into a lioness and he drops from hunger and exhastion)

The Lioness: (growls, but then realizes that the youngling could have potential, she picks him up, carrying him to her pride)

Everburn:(tries to opens his eyes)

Zira (the lioness): (sets him down in front of Makeena, a middle ranked, cinnamon colored lioness)

Everburn:(So weak he barely can make out the shapes of the lioness)

Makeena: Hm... (pushes the slab of meat she had recently scavenged to him) He needs it more than I do...

Everburn:(Sniffs and Eats, the blood on his claws from something else is seen)

Makeena: (notices)

Everburn:(as he eats they see a scar that resembles the current kings scar)

Zira: ...

Everburn:(Looks up and nuzzles Zira in affection)

Zira: (rolls her eyes) Puh...

Everburn:(Stands, his strength returning)

Zira: That was... quick.

Everburn:(Bows to her)

Zira: Don't thank me, child. Thank her... (points to Makeena)

Everburn:(Nuzzles Makeena, He prepares to leave, he has nowhere to go)

Makeena: ("He can't survive on his own...") (blocks his way)

Everburn:(Looks at her, stands on two legs) I thank you for the help, but I do not belong here, if you insist on me staying, I could be a burden

?????:(Walks in)


?????:(Looks at Everburn and then to Zira) What do we have here

Makeena: (growling) ?!

Everburn:(fur stands on end the orange tips make the illusion of fire)

Zira: (circles the stranger)

Scar:(Smiles) I like this one *To Everburn* whats your name?

Everburn:(Remembers what his creators called him) Project: Everburn, Specimen 9, failiure, subjection to termination

Scar: (Had gotten lost after Everburn)

Makeena: Um... we'll just call you Everburn...

Everburn: Ok

Scar:(To Zira) I like thzirais one (To Everburn) Everburn come foreward

Everburn: Walks up to Scar)

Scar: I put you incharge of guarding the royal cubs, do not fail me and Zira, or your punishment will be severe 

Everburn:(Looks at Makeena then back at Scar) I will do your bidding my king

Zira: (smirks)

Scar: Good, but first you must rest, from the looks of you, you haven't slept in days

Everburn:(Bows and goes to Makeena's part of the den to rest)

Makeena: (to herself) Nice kid...

Everburn:(goes to sleep)

Makeena: ... (stays up)

Everburn:(cuddles up to her)

Makeena: Heh...


Makeena: (purrs)

(Days later)

Makeena: (getting heavily pregnant, almost ready to give birth)

Everburn:(Guarding the royal cubs)

Mheetu: (playing with the younger cubs)

Everburn:(See's Zira and her hunting party return, but he remains at his post)

(The rest of the pride eat)

Everburn:(Lets the royal cubs go get their share)

(they run off, feeding)

Everburn:(rests a bit)

Makeena: (walks off to her side of the lion den, she's about ready to give birth *finally*)


Makeena: ...

Everburn: Wants to help her)

(Makeena's water starts to break)

he goes to aid

Makeena: (roaring in pain)

Everburn:(Approaches slowly)

Makeena: (panting)

Everburn:(Gets close)

Makeena: (growling quietly)

Everburn:(tilts head)

(She struggles giving birth)

Everburn: (Fears for her life)

3 fire angels appear

Makeena: ...?

they stand there

Everburn:(Nuzzles makeena)

(She finally gives birth to two cubs, one much weaker than the other)

Everburn:(Nuzzles them)

Makeena: (still in pain, but she smiles anyway)

the fire angels disappear

Makeena: (lick bathes her cubs)

Everburn:(Cuddles up)

Makeena: Heh...

Everburn:(Nuzzles his brothers)

Makeena: ^.^


Makeena: Get some rest, Everburn...

Everburn: Yes.... mother

Makeena: (smiles)

He cuddles up with his brothers

Makeena: (yawns, falling asleep)


(three months later)

Everburn:(Preteen) *Guarding the royal cubs*

Mheetu (teen): (talking quietly with his half-sister *an adult* about escaping the Pridelands)

Everburn: his hearing just as sensitive as his counterparts, he goes to report to Scar)

Nala: (gasps) He heard us...

Scar:(Walks out with Everburn at his side)

(they start to run)

3 fire angels flies after them

(they stop at a cliff, to the bottom is a raging river)

Everburn and Scar appear 

Scar:(A bit Woozy) Very hand move Everburn

Everburn: Forgive me my king, First time...

Scar: It is alright

(the two lions chose to jump, even though it means risking their lives)


Scar: let them go, they aren't likely to survive

Everburn: but your son...

Scar: he is no son of mine, those who betray us are dead to us

(the rest of the pride arrive)

The Fire angles dissappear)

Zira: (growls, looking down at the river on the bottom of the cliff) Traitors...


Zira: ...

Everburn:(wALKS OFF)

Akida: (a young cub; his runt brother dead) I just don't get it... w-why would they do that, especially Mheetu? I thought he was my friend...

Everburn: He is no friend of yours if he abandoned you and the pride

Akida: Okay, br-brother... (sniffles)

Everburn:(Nuzzles his kid brother)

Scar:(Smiles) Everburn

Everburn: Yes my king (Bows)

Scar: the queen will be need your services go to her and be prepared to serve

Everburn: I'd die for the royal family my king

Scar: good, now go

Everburn:(Goes to Zira's den)

Zira: (had gotten pregnant with Nuka recently; she just doesn't know it yet)

Everburn:(Kneels) you requested my services my lady

Zira: I need no services as of now...

Everburn:(Lays near the den opening until he receives orders)

Zira: ...Wait! Everburn, I have a duty for you!

Everburn:(Ears perk up) I am yours to command (Bows)

Zira: Track down Nala and Mheetu... if you find no evidence of them, then return.

Everburn: At once my lady (fire ports away)

(With Nala)

Nala: (walking through some grasslands; she had been separated from Mheetu, and now her goal is to look for her half-brother and find some help)

????: Well well well, the traitor reveals herself

Nala: (growling) I recognize that voice. Show yourself now, Everburn.

Everburn:(On a rock) Time to come home, wait, wheres your brother

Nala: How should I know...? We... we were separated.

Everburn:(Extends Claws) Lady Zira wanted you out of the way, I will make sure of it

Nala: (gets in a aggressive stance)

He attacks

Nala: (claws at his face)

he roars in pain

Fire angels appear and take him back to pride rock

Nala: (continues walking)

(Back at Pride rock

Zira: (waiting for Everburn)

one of his angels arrive with him in its arms

Zira: (puzzled) Wha...

Angel: He fought bravely but the teenaged lioness overpowered him

Zira: (growls)

Everburn:(Shaking angrily)

Zira: (pacing around; obviously pissed off at Everburn)

Scar:Walks in and see's Everburn out cold, he thinks Zira did it) ZIRA

Zira: (her ears perk up; sits up straight) Yes, my king?

Scar:(Pins her) What did you do to him, your guard *Growls*

Zira: My king, I... (growls) I did NOTHING!

Everburn:(Wakes) She tells the truth *Limps* I am to blame, I have failed, punish me, not her please

Scar: Gets off Zira)  You are willing to take the fall for your queen?

Everburn: I'd die for the royal family

Zira: ...

Scar: your loyalty as admirable (Looks at Zira)

Zira: (sighs)

he leaves


Zira: (rests)

He rests at the den opening

Many years later after Scar's deathEdit

Kovu:  (training)

Everburn: Keeping an eye on him)

Vitani: (resting in the shade)


Vitani: (yawns)

Everburn:(Stands streight)

Vitani: Hmmm?

Everburn: Morning Princess

Vitani: Morning...

Everburn: Can I get you anything princess?

Vitani : ... I'm fine.

everburn: Stands guard)

Vitani: (goes to get a drink)

Everburn: see's croc in the water)

Vitani: ...?

Everburn:(Attacks it)

Vitani: (roars)

Everburn:(Not merciful on his killings)

Vitani: (growling) Damn it! (walks off, frustrated)

Everburn:(In his head, "Hard to please princess") *Returns to his post*

Kovu: ...

Everburn:(drops a large chunk of Croc meat infront of Kovu)

Kovu: No thanks, I don't like the taste of crocodile...


Kovu: Disgusting...

Everburn: Gota learn to deal with it

Kovu: Like that's going to happen...

everburn: Your loss my gain (Stops and Claws into the flesh)

Kovu: (rolls his eyes) You disgust me...

Everburn: Take it from me Kovu, eating nothing but insects gets you no where, not a healthy diet, hunt the hunters then you got a meal, Besides  you are the prince and you need to know everything about killing the one that killed scar

Kovu: What if he isn't the one that killed Scar...? (grunts)

Everburn:He lead to his death Kovu, it is your rightful place to be king

Kovu: (rolls his eyes) I KNOW that, already...

Everburn:(Leaves the Corpse)

Kovu: ...


Kovu: ...

Everburn:(Looks at Kovu) are you comming?

Kovu: Where?

Everburn: your mother wanted you in for training

Kovu: ...Fine.

Everburn:(Lets him catch up)

Kovu: (runs to the den)

Everburn: Follows but stops at the dens entrence)

Kovu: (trains) 

(Weeks later, after the fire plan)

Everburn:(Sharpening his claws)

Zira: (snarling)

Everburn:(Wanting to kill Darkstorm)

Vitani: ...

Everburn:(Walks off to his mothers den)

Zira: (roars)

Everburn:(He stops)

Zira: ...

Everburn: do you require anything my lady?

Zira: (growls) no...

He walks to the den

(Makeena is seen asleep)

He goes to see his younger brother

Akida: (full grown adult)

Starting the Black PawEdit

Cursed by Witches and Haunted Edit

Attacking EquestriaEdit