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Commonly known as "The Twins" by their family, Hunter and Sasha were born into a life of royalty like their siblings but they lead entirely different roles in the royal heritage.

Sasha-Actu-Sin Edit

Sasha is the older of the two siblings, and also the more dominant one in the duo. TBC...

Hunter-Actu-Sin Edit

As a pup, Hunter was very attached to his grandmother, Amala, and looked up to her more than he looked up to his father and mother. Hunter later became Terra's personal guard when Terra took up position as Chieftess of the Indrani. He would also be called the "Scourge of the Irukani"; when the Irukani Chieftan kidnapped Terra's son, in his rage he torched the Irukani camp and carried his nephew back to his sister.

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