Years after the events of "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood", Knuckles and Shade got married and later had two children.  

Kate "Pastel" the Echidna (played by VenomTheEchidna) Edit

Age - Nineteen (NXT Gen)

Kate the Echidna, commonly nicknamed Pastel the Echidna due to her creativity and fairly decent skill at sketching, was supposed to be the next Guardian of the Master Emerald, but she struggled learning the ways of a Guardian due to her obliviousness and short-attention span. She was replaced by her younger brother, who she used to absolutely loathe, even before he was even hatched. Of course, this was when she was a mere, small child, only nine years of age. However, after her brother was hatched, she took pity on the child, slowly changing her mind about him and going as far as playing with him. Kate is an experienced treasure hunter, like her father, but is nowhere near as good. She is also a great fighter, like both of her parents but is quite a slow runner. Kate is faster than Amy Rose, though. She seemed to have "inherited" her father's gullibleness, too, though on the contrary, she is calm most of the time and quiet unlike her father. Sometimes Kate takes things TOO literally, and isn't the brightest bulb in the box in some areas. Kate does not get the meanings of most idioms at first glance, either.  She takes almost everything seriously and is very stoic. It should be noted that  Kate is thought to have Asperger Syndrome. It was revealed in a TP that Kate once had a crush on Napalm the Cat. Whether or not she retains her crush since Napalm started dating Angel is unknown, though the chances are slim. As of now, she is currently married to Thrash the Hedgehog and has gotten pregnant with two twins, recently. 
Kate the Echidna Ref

Kate. (placeholder for her upcoming design...)

Andy the Echidna (Played by DARKEST)Edit

Age - Ten (NXT Gen)

Andy is the son of Knuckles and Shade the Echidna. After seeing that Kate wouldn't be a viable Guardian, Knuckles and Shade concieved another child. (More coming soon...)


Andy (?).