Aaron the EXE HedgeidnaAbby the HedgehogAero "Cyclone" Atmos (Mobius: Next)
Aero Atmos (Aeternalis)Aero Atmos (Mobius: Next Milennia)Alpha Werewolves (Species)
Aquas the Dragon Born (Water)Aquella NagarumiBakuu-Actu-Sin
Black Paw (Wolf Pack)Brooke LogreeCammie Stewart
Chaos BreakColina the FoxCossover Court Episode List
Cruciful the WolfCrucily *Cruciful x Lily* (Darkest and Knux only)Cyberstorm (Metal Darkstorm)
Dameon-Actu-SinDamessie ChildrenDark Chidori
Dark ChroniclesDark GuardsDarkilly (DarkstormxLily)
DarkokoDarkoko/RolePlayDarkoko/RolePlay Part Two
Darkstorm's SorrowsDarkstorm-Actu-SinDarkstorm Multiversal: Episode List.
Darkstorm Multiversal Season 1: Episode 4 B: Sing the Death Light songDarkstorm Multiversal Season 1 Episode 1: The first EncounterDarkstorm Multiversal Season 1 Episode 2 :NICOLE's first meeting with Darkstorm *Part 1*
Darkstorm Multiversal Season 2 Episode 1: The ArrivalDarkstorm Multiversal Season 2 Episode 2: War between PridesDarkstorm Multiversal Season 2 Episode 3 Mufasa's Reign
Darkstorm Multiversal Season 5 Episode 1: The EncounterDemon Snake BombEnchanted Objects
Episode 3: NICOLE's first meeting with Darkstorm *Part 2*Episode 4: The Forgotten PrinceEpisode 4: The Sage of the Darkness
EverburnEverburn's Story (RP between Sponge, Venom and Darkest)Freddy Kreuger the Cougar
Freedom Fighting Teams (Multiversal List)Frostless NemaruGrace the Hedgehog
Half-Demon WikiHunter and Sasha Actu-SinJeevah
KaylineKnuxade ChildrenLanna the Hedgehog
Legend of Angelos and DemonikasLewbert the EchidnaLily the Echidna
Lizzy the HedgehogLou the HedgehogLucifer Kilopound
Luminia the KittySealLuna the HedgehogLyra
MangoMi-Actu-SinMultiversal Battlefront
Multiversal Battlefront/CutscenesNadowthNext Roleplay: Dark Politics (Zero, Kaytlin, and Darkest only)
Next Roleplay: Seventh Twilight War (FreeJoin. Please feel free to enter)Next Roleplay: War in Raptora (Zero, Lily, Darkest, Spongebob, Wolf and Venom only)Nightfeather
Nikki RobertsOsh'RakuPatricia the Skunk's Story
Planet ApocaliaPlanet RaptoraPrison Apocron
Private Roleplay: A Dragon Adventure (Spyro related) *Darkest, Venom and Spongebob only)Private Roleplay: Nightfeather's StoryPrivate Roleplay: Shadow of night (Zero, Trinity and Darkest only)
Private Roleplay (Ven and Darkest only): Pain - Nimaudire's LifePyra "Inferna" Fireheart (Mobius: Next)Pyra Fireheart (Aeternalis Zone)
RP: Mada's StoryRP: The TruthRP (Me, Sponge and Darkest only): Eternal Wrath
Reses MonetteRoleplay:(Free Join) Shadow the Hedgehog 2Roleplay:Sonic X: New Adventure The Movie (Cameron, Sponge and Darkest Only)
Roleplay:Umbril's Journeys (FreeJoin)Roleplay: A Very Merry Christmas (Darkest, Zero, Kayt, Sponge and Venom only)Roleplay: Jack & Patricia: All For one (Darkest, Venom, Sponge and Josh only)
Roleplay: Metal Beaks Vengence (Darkest and Venom only)Roleplay: My little HalflingRoleplay: Sonic Worms (Free Join!)
Roleplay: Sonic Worms (Free Join!)/Episode 1: New Roots, Blue & GreenRoleplay: Sonic Worms (Free Join!)/Episode 2: The Best Liuetenats, Orange & GreyRoleplay: Sonic Worms (Free Join!)/Episode 3: Heavy Muscles, Red & Black
Roleplay: Sonic Worms (Free Join!)/Episode 4: The Scout's Honour, PurpleRoleplay: The Tale of Two Halves (Free Join!)Roleplay (Free-join!): Savior
Roman BellicRomance Roleplay: Bakily (BakuuxLily)Romance Roleplay: Darkira (DarkstormxKirara)
Romantic Couple: Damessie (DameonxJessie)Romantic Relationship: Dante X GreywingRomantic Roleplay: Darktani (DarkstormxVitani)
Romantic Roleplay: Everburn X ZiraSeason 4 Episode four: Night of the WolfSeason 4 Episode one: Fire Landing
Season 4 Episode three: Birthday SorrowSeason 4 Episode two: Dark Party (Sponge, Darkest and Venom only)Shadaze Children
Shadikal childrenShoko IndraniSiena the Catolf
Silvaze ChildrenSinge FiragaSoldiers' House
Soldiers' House/Season 1 Episode 1: Mixing It Up a NotchSonaze ChildrenSonic Underground: The Search Continues Season 1 Episode 1: Freedom Life
Sonic Underground: The search continues (Episode list)Spit LightningSub-Zero the Dragon Born (Ice)
Taiga BorealTajeeTaka
Team FusionTeniahk-Actu-SinTerra-Actu-Sin
TevaniThe Dark RealmThe Downfall *Wolf Roleplay* ~OPEN~
The Honor GuardThe Shadow FestivalThe Transdimensional Alliance assembly/ Council
The Voodoo CeratansThunderstormVermilion the Hedgecat
WHY I ❤ ROMAN BELLICWhitelight TunakiWolflings
Worm GangsZeroPath's Continuity

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