Lucifer Kilopound is a dark furred Mobian lion who seems to be in his thirties. Very little is known about this shady character, including his appearance and true age, both of which are hidden by his cloak. The only indication that he might be in his thirties is his voice.


Lucifer's appearance is largely unknown, as he keeps his face and body hidden by a black cloak criss-crossed with sickly green patterns. Most people believe his fur to be a dark grey because his tail and hands, which are the only parts than can be seen while the cloak is on, have dark grey fur on them.


Lucifer is very rarely seen, so his personality is unknown to everyone. However, those who have seen him, know that nothing good can come out of him seeking you out. It can be noted, however, that he seems to enjoy speaking in very sophisticated language.


Yet another question that nobody knows the answer to. It has been noted that time in his presense seems to last longer than normal time, which could imply that he has some minor temporal abilities, however this could also simply be a fear reation to being in such close proximity to someone so unpredictable.


The history of this man is as mysterious as the man himself. Only he knows where he's from or how he was raised, assuming he is mortal and not some created being.