Lyra is a female arctic wolf and is mate to Vorkata Everburn. Starting off as a Wolves of The Beyond fan character when she was created in 2012, she gradually developed into an original creation.


Lyra is a well-groomed wolf with a coat that is white year round, though silver fur lines her back. Her eyes are pale green and slightly narrow.

Anthro formEdit



Lyra was just one of the many pups born to (???) and (???)'s pack. Living a life of constant fear due to predators such as cougars and bears, she was a very cautious pup. With each litter's lives always being vulnerable, Lyra's parents were very overprotective. A year past, and Lyra was soon being taught on how to hunt. With a majority of her siblings dead, she was still wary despite being at near adult size (for a wolf).

Abilities and SkillsEdit


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