Mi-Actu-Sin is the mother of the true heir to the Apocalian throne.

Some attributes
First Family: Rika-Actu-Sin (mother), Unknown Father, Victor-Actu-Sin (elder brother), Neera-Actu-sin/Martinez (elder sister), Darkstorm-Actu-Sin (Son), Jackline Martinez (niece)
Second Age: 31
Third Love Interests: Michael Archangel
Other attributes

Personality Edit

Mi-actu-sin had a kind and loving nature when she was raising her son Darkstorm, but outside of being a mother she was a great demon huntress with a serious hate on for a certain demon who used her for his personal pleasure.



Mi was a normal 28 year old woman before she met the Tyrant Drak'Vorkata Snowstorm Barator with her friend Jack Hernandez on their way home from the Red Wood forest

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