"Insatiable beasts, dangerous and unstoppable in a rage. Be very wary of your surroundings or the Oshraku will kill you too."

- Lines from an old Apocalian tale.

Oshraku are the most feirce, untamable creatures in all of Apocalia. They are the dominant predators in the most northern part of Apocalia, but are able to spread to other reigons in the the world.


Oshraku act like wolves, hunting in packs, but Oshraku live in large family groups and are highly defensive of their own cubs. Oshraku are lead by alphas, who tend to be larger and more fierce than the other members of the pack.



Basic Oshraku diet consists of raw meat.

  • Fish
  • Wild boar
  • Fowl
  • Deer
  • Buffalo/bison


Cave Dwelling

Strictly Nocturnal, Cave Dwelling Oshraku only hunt at night and are very tempermental when rudely woken up by their Woodland Cousin's. Cave Dwelling Oshraku have a paler skin tone and their fur is a dusty grey to match their cave abodes.




The more common and the original Oshraku species, Woodland Oshraku are a far more common sight to see than others. They are known to be highly territorial, especially with the other subspecies, and are more inclined to kill rather than let anyone pass through their territory.



  • Oshraku are known to be poisonous -its venom deadlier than most Terran snakes- and there is no known anti-venom for it.