Reses Monette is an anthropomorphic arctic fox. He is a somewhat renowned writer in his home country of France and is currently wedded to Frostless Nemaru

Reses Monette
Some attributes
First age - 37(?)
Second relatives - ??? Monette (father), ??? Monette (mother, Frostless Nemaru (wife), ??? Monette (daughter)
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Reses is a fairly attractive, young male arctic fox. His fur color varies through the seasons, but it is usually brown in spring, summer and fall and white in the winter months. He is fairly scrawny, but has some muscles from him attempting to work out. His eyes are cerulean blue and are almond-shaped. He has a height of five foot eight and is somewhat skinny for his size, as mentioned before. The thickness of his coat also varies throughout the seasons.



Reses is a very kind, charming individual.




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