Umbril the Prince of Shadows by Needlemouse

The Prince of Shadows

Umbril is the Prince of Shadows; a being of ink with a heart of crystallized obsidian, who cleans up the casualties of warfare and sends dead souls to a place called the Crossroads; the bridge that goes out to either Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell, where the dead are judged to go to either of three places. This is about his travels through the world.


Umbril: *rises from a lake and moves towards a fresh battlefield*

Assassin: *sniping*

Umbril: I smell fresh meat... delectable... *begins devouring carcasses*

Assassin: *sees Umbril* what the hell is that?


Umbril: *the bullets merely sink into his liquid flesh, and he spits them out, turns head* Who dares to disturb the feast of Umbril?...

Darkstorm:*Tosses Grenade)

Umbril: *swallows it and spits it back out in Darkstorm's direction*


Umbril: *resumes his feast of corpses*

Darkstorm:(Dumps water on him)

Umbril: *stops for a moment, looks up in annoyance* Persistent, aren't you?


Umbril: *vomits molten tar onto him*

Darkstorm:(Turns to smoke)

Umbril: Ah... so you are one of powers... interesting...

Darkstorm:(Turns dragon)

Umbril: You do not frighten me...

Ice forms around him

Umbril: What have you against me?... I was minding my own business...

Darkstorm: your are forbinden from eating my comrads 

Umbril: When they die, they are for me to clean up...

Darkstorm: my men have families

Umbril: Then let them pay their respects... do it before I lose my patience...

body bags are brought and the bodies are removed

Umbril: *leaves, in a foul mood because he didn't get to feast*

Darkstorm:(Tosses a dead Taylon Soldier)

Umbril: *devours it*

Darkstorm:(Join us)

Umbril: *thinking it over*

Darkstorm:*Walks off)

Umbril: Eh, what the heck... *trails behind*


Assassin: the hell is that thing?

Umbril: I am a creature from the beginning of time... I was born after the Earth was created...

Darkstorm: Ok

Umbril: *regurgitates the Taylon Soldier's bones*

Assassin: *cringes*

Umbril: What?... I always do that after I eat a carcass...

Darkstorm: Hm