this is a romance between Bakuustorm the Two Tailed Cat Halfbreed and Lily the Echidna


Boyfriend and Girlfriend


Lily: (chatting with her friends)

?????:(Ridding his Motorcycle and drives past Lily and her friends)

Lily: huh?

the stranger parks his bike in front of a guitar shop, he takes off his helmet, it is a gorgeous Two tailed Cat

Lily: (blushes) O-oh...

Bakuu:(Winks at her)

Lily: ^°^;

Bakuu:(Walks to one of his Friends)

Andrew: Sup dude

Bakuu: Wadup 

Andrew Dunno bro, hey hot chicks at 3:00

bakuu: Yeah, dare me to ask hot babe #1 out?

Andrew: Double dare

Bakuu:( Walks over to Lily)

Lily: ...Hey?

Bakuu: Hi, would you like to go out with me?

Lily: Dude, we barely met...

Bakuu: (Oh please you must have heard of me

Lily: Well, yeah. But that still doesn't explain anything.

Bakuu:(Shall i take you out for lunch?

Lily: You're really struggling, aren't you? >w>

Bakuu: Struggling (Laughs) No

Lily: Yep, you're struggling...

Bakuu:(Eyes flash red but then calms)  I am Bakuustorm of Apocalia

Lily: Name's Lily the Echidna, sir.

Bakuu: call me Bakuu, and skip the formalities

Lily: Um... ok. If you say so.

Bakuu:(Right arm shaking a bit)

Lily: Huh? Are you... alright?

Bakuu: Yeah, just Adrenaline

Lily: Okay, good...

Bakuu; see ya tonight Lily (Gets on his bike)

Lily: Where, exactly?

Bakuu:(Burger King

Lily: Well... alright.


Lily: ^.^

Bakuu:(Rides off with his friends)

One of Lily's friends (a cat) teases her playfully.

The Cat: (giggling) Looks like you finally got a boyfriend...

Andrew: (Looks at the cat) Hey good looking

The Cat: (smirks) Hey, cutie...

Andrew: Need a ride?

Bella (the cat): I guess so...

Andrew:(Hands her a spar helmet and his jacket)

Bella: (puts them on)

Andrew: Hang on baby (Rides off to Bella's place)

Lily: (completely silent) ...

(Later that night

Lily: (parks her  car, waiting)

Bakuu rides in on his bike)

Lily: ("suprising... I got there first)

Bakuu:(Gets off, he is fansionably late)

Lily: Um... (doesn't say anything)

He hands her a diamond necklace

Lily: Er... thanks, man.


Lily: (smiles)

Bakuu: Takes her hand and walks with her)

Lily: Hm...


Lily: Um... I'm sorry, but I kind of overheard you when you were talking with a friend. Is... is this really just a pointless bet? Is this even a real date?

Bakuu: A bit of both milady

Lily: (glares at him)


Lily: Hmph... I knew it. (walks off)

Bakuu: Lily wait

Lily: (stops) ...?

Bakuu: I may be dating you cause of a dumb bet, but to tell the truth, I love you

Lily: ... (flips him off) (lololololol)

Bakuu:(Rolls eyes)

Lily: (silent, her arms akimbo) ...

Bakuu:(Walks to her)

Lily: Hm...

Bakuu: Believe me or not

Lily: Well, Bakuu... (sighs, then slowly goes up to Bakuu, kissing him) (she blushes, embarrassed) If... if you honestly love me, then I'll love you back. (blushes deeper) This... this is awkward.

Bakuu: (Kisses her back) Your so pretty

Lily: (still blushing) Thanks...

Bakuu:(Walks with her inside Burger King)

Lily: (calming down) ...

Bakuu: So whatcha want to eat Lily-chan

Lily: I'll just get a drink...

Bakuu: ok

Lily: ...

(He gets her a medium drink)

Lily: ...Thanks.


Lily: ^_^


Lily: Heh...


Lily: :3

Bakuu:(Kisses her cheek)

Lily: (smiles)

He orders his food

Lily: (waiting)

He returns with a Whopper with Large fries)

Lily: Hm...

Bakuu: Have some

Lily: Um... I just ordered a drink.

Bakuu: i am sharing

Lily: Well, I'm sorry, but no thanks. I'm not hungry.


Lily: (silent)

Bakuu: He eats)