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In equestria there is a holiday called Nightmare Night, but with Darkstorm being new to the world has no Idea what to do. But here is something else going on tonight is the night of Wolf and it is effecting Darkstorm to attract the attention of both heros and Villians alike.


Darkstorm:(Star gazing with Twilight)

Twilight Sparkle: The stars look beautiful tonight.

Darkstorm: Yes they are (Moves the telescope at the Moon) Well this is new

Twilight Sparkle: May I please see it?

Darkstorm:(Go on ahead)

Twilight Sparkle: (spots the moon) Hmm...

the shadow is the shape of a barking wolf

Darkstorm:(Looking through her Constilation book and then his Grimmwor) The wolf moon

Twilight Sparkle: Doesn't that seem familiar with the shadow is the shape of Nightmare Moon?

Darkstorm:(His eyes turn wolf-like) Ok Twi, can i call you Twi?

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then. As I was saying... does this shadow on the moon seem familiar with the shadow that is the shape of Nightmare Moon?

Darkstorm: I never heard of Nightmare Moon, but the Wolf Moon is something I know all to well (Suddenly loud clacks are heard in him and he drops screaming in pain)

(Twilight is the first to see Darkstorm turn into a Werewolf, she watches as Darkstorm transforms)

Darkstorm:(Gets on all fours and stares at Twilight Sparkle)

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Darkstorm? Is that you?

Darkstorm:(Sniffs her face and then licks, a pure sign of "yes")

Twilight Sparkle: I'll take that as a yes. I really need some help. I'll start with Fluttershy, she knows very well about animals.

Darkstorm:(Puts Twilight on his back and Sprints to Fluttershy's)

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa! Now I know how Spike feels.

(At Fluttershy's Cottage)

Darkstorm:(Stands on Two legs, looks more muscular on two than four)*Howls*

Twilight Sparkle: (hops off & knocks on the door)

Fluttershy: (opens the door) Oh hello Twilight... (notices Darkstorm as a werewolf) oh & there's a werewolf.

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, do you recognize who the werewolf is? (points to Darkstorm)

Fluttershy: (takes a close look at Darkstorm & recognizes him) Darkstorm? Is that you?

Darkstorm:(Licks her face and hugs)

Fluttershy: (blushes & then hugs Darkstorm gently) Darkstorm, it is you. :)

Twilight Sparkle: I can explain everything & it has something to do with that moon up there. (points to the moon, with a shadow in a shape of a barking wolf)

Fluttershy: That shadow looks familiar of Nightmare Moon, but it's not.

Twilight Sparkle: Exactly. Darkstorm said it was called the "Wolf Moon" or something.

Fluttershy: What is the Wolf Moon?

Twilight Sparkle: Darkstorm? Is it ok if I read the book about the "Wolf Moon" in your Grimmwor?

Darkstorm:(Nudges Twilight to the Book)

The Book opens itself to the Lunar shapes page and the Wolf Moon Section glows

The Wolf moon:

                          This is the only Moon, full or not, that halflings that are bitten by an Alpha werewolf turn, they can got one of two ways, either Savage or a loving puppy dog, but if you get both DO NOT let him/her near bullies or abusers the resulting hate could cause a flash a anger and werewolf venom dripping from the lips.

To contain a Werewolf: Use a drink mixed with ground up wolvesbane.

If you plan to take him/her for a walk (rest of section missing due to water damage)

Twilight Sparkle: (reading) "Do not let him/her near bullies or abusers", got it. "Use a drink mixed with ground up wolvesbane", ok. And... "If you plan to take him/her for a walk..." (notices the rest of the section is missing) Oh no! The rest of the section's illegible!

Fluttershy: That would mean we don't know what would happen if someone plan to take Darkstorm for a walk.


The pages flip to the back, this is in Dark's handwriting

Under the Wolf Moon, halflings are in wereform all night and day untill after halloween (Nightmare Night)

Darkstorm:(Sleeps under a tree)

Fluttershy: He'll be back to normal after Nightmare Night.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you think we suppose to do? Because I've never seen this werewolf transformation before.

Fluttershy: I believe we have to take care of Darkstorm until Nightmare Night is over.

Darkstorm:(Yawns again)

(Next morning)

Darkstorm:(Yawns, still in his wolf from, he spots Rarity coming over for a visit, he barks an alarm)

Fluttershy: (wakes up & notices Rarity) It's Rarity. (goes over to the door & opens it, exits & closes the door behind her) Good morning Rarity.

Rarity: Good morning to you too, Fluttershy. You seem to woken up bright & early today.

Fluttershy: Thank you Rarity.

Rarity: By the way, what is that barking coming from?

Fluttershy: (gulps) Barking? What barking? I don't hear any barking? (smiles nervously)

Rarity: Hmm... Oh well. It's probably my imagination.

Darkstorm:(had power jumped from the back and lands behind Rarity)

Fluttershy: (notices Darkstorm behind Rarity) Um, Rarity?

Rarity: Yes, darling?

Fluttershy: Ok, I can explain everything if you turn around.

Rarity: Hm? What ever do you... (turns around to see Darkstorm) (gasps)

Darkstorm:(gets on all fours and notices Rarities mane is on end, he fixes it, he tilts his head to see if he did it right)

Rarity: Hm? (notices her mane is fixed) Oh, why thank you.

Fluttershy: Rarity? That wolf is Darkstorm.

Rarity: Darkstorm? (turns to Darkstorm) It is him. Why didn't you say so in the first place.

Fluttershy: You might get spooked by his wolf transformation.

Rarity: It's ok darling. Now I know.

Fluttershy: We must wait for Darkstorm to be back to normal, that means we have to wait until Nightmare Night is over.

Rarity: I understand it perfectly clear.

Fluttershy: Only you, me & Twilight know that Darkstorm is a wolf.

Rarity: I see your point.

Darkstorm:(Howls his fur changes from black to Ash Grey, his right ear twitches and he growls, barking loudling)

Rarity: Oh my goodness, something must've upset him. But what could it be?

Fluttershy: (gulps) I... think we're about to find out.

Darkstorm:(Sniffs and Finds the Cutie Mark Crusaders, he switches from protective to playfull, sits, and Picks up a stick)

Apple Bloom: (notices Darkstorm, doesn't recognize him) Oh, hello little doggy.

Sweetie Belle: Aw, do you wanna play fetch?

he nuzzles her

Darkstorm:(Puts the stick down and waits for them to toss the stick)

Scootaloo: You do? Ok then.

Apple Bloom: (picks up the stick & tosses the stick) Fetch!

Darkstorm:(Runs and Jumps over Fluttershy and Rarity, they soon tell the Cutey mark Crusaders who the wolf is)

(At the Library*

Twilight Sparkle: (reading books, learning more about the Wolf Moon)

A lot of the info is basic but a page in the grimmwor talks about Alpha Werewolves

Twilight Sparkle: Hmm... This is interesting. Let's see... (reads the Grimmwor about Alpha Werewolves) I'm still not sure if Darkstorm is either Alpha or Beta. Only one way to find out.

Alpha Werewolves tend to be the higher being of werewolves, but they tend to be loners, its rare to see a pack of them together but the will boss around normal werewolves due to them being bigger and stronger

Twilight Sparkle: Fascinating. These werewolves are amazing to study. Speaking of werewolves, I just hope Fluttershy figures out what happen if she takes him for a walk. There's no telling what would happen. Prehaps I should check on her, just in case. (heads off to Fluttershy's Cottage)

Darkstorm:(Returns with the stick)

Apple Bloom: Good boy.

Sweetie Belle: Aww... he's so cute.

Scootaloo: Yeah, do you think we can keep him?

Apple Bloom: That's a great idea. He can be an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader.

Darkstorm:(Picks up Scootaloo and looks into her eyes, she can see the steel grey Iris' in his eyes, he telepathically links to their minds) Guess who

Scootaloo: (is surprised) AAH!

Apple Bloom: Is something the matter, Scottaloo?

Scottaloo: I think that thing said something!

Sweetie Belle: I didn't hear him. Is he... Talking in your head?

Scottaloo: Yes. But I don't understand. I thought wolves can't talk.

Apple Bloom: Me neither. It doesn't look like no timber wolf around here.

Fluttershy & Rarity: (goes to up to the Cutie Mark Crusaders)

Fluttershy: Hello girls.

Sweetie Belle: Hi Fluttershy.

Scootaloo: I think that wolf said something to me. I think he wanted me to guess who it is.

Rarity: Why that would be Darkstorm.

(However the Cutie Mark Crusaders were baffled about who Darkstorm is.)

Apple Bloom: Dark... storm?

Fluttershy: Oh, I almost forgot that they haven't met him yet. We're really sorry about that.

Apple Bloom: It's ok, Fluttershy. Now we know.

Darkstorm:(Linked to their minds) This isn't my usual form youngling

Cutie Mark Crusaders: It's not?

Darkstorm: Just wait till after this Nightmare Night your mentors tell me about (Ears perk up) Someones coming (Growls and jumps to the tree line)

Fluttershy: (gulps) I hope it's not something scary.

Darkstorm (Pounces and pins Diamond Tiara, he is growling)

Diamond Tiara: AAH, Get off of me!

Silver Spoon: Aah! A mad dog!

Diamond Tiara: (notices the Cutie Mark Crusaders) Help! Can you blank flanks control your your wild mutt of yours!

Apple Bloom: He's not a mutt!

Sweetie Belle: He's Darkstorm.

Silver Spoon: (not impressed) Seriously?

Diamond Tiara: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Scootaloo: Darkstorm, just let them go. If we don't we'd be no better then they are.

Diamond Tiara: Hey! I heard that! (Is surprised) What?

Darkstorm:(Barks to scare them off, his white, razor sharp teeth make his point, A yellow green fluid drips from his fangs, werewolf venom)

Silver Spoon: (now scared) Uh, Diamond? We should go, now! Run!

Diamond Tiara: (now scared) (gulps) Maybe now's an excellent time.

Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon: (running away while screaming)

Diamond Tiara: (while running) We regret everything! We regret anything that we ever done!

Silver Spoon: (while running) We're sorry!

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo: (looks at each other, a bit scared of Darkstorm's bad side)

Apple Bloom: (pets Darkstorm) There there, it's alright. They learned their lesson, but you can calm down now, okay?

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness.

Darkstorm:(Calms, his feral side a bit difficult to control, he nuzzles the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wagging his tail)

Sweetie Belle: (comforts Darkstorm) Good boy.

Fluttershy: (comforts Darkstorm as well) Wow, you must be good at keeping him calm. I hope we all can keep him calm until Nightmare Night.

Scootaloo: Why? What's going on?

Fluttershy: Oh, I believe Twilight will explain better once we find her, ok?

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo: Ok...

Darkstorm: (In scootaloo's mind) Hop on my back Scooty

Scootaloo: Oh, ok. What do you have in mind? (Hops on Darkstorm's back)

Darkstorm:(Helps Applebloom and Sweetie Belle up) Hang on (Power jumps to the nearst tree)

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo: (riding on Darkstorm's back, hanging on) Wheeee!

Fluttershy: (is amazed) Wow

Darkstorm: (Power jumps to the school roof, Standing on his hind legs howling)

Apple Bloom: That's amazing! We didn't know you can do that?

Darkstorm: there are many things you don't know, but I must take my leave, but look to the moon on Nightmare Night I promise not to Disappoint (Sets them on the ground)

Sweetie Belle: Ok then, we will.

Scootaloo: We'll see you very soon.

Apple Bloom, Sweeite Belle & Scootaloo: (waving goodbye to Darkstorm) Bye Darkstorm! (Beginning to leave together)

Fluttershy: (goes up to Darkstorm) Darkstorm, your very kind with the fillies. And I'm very happy that you have a kind heart, even if your in a different form, we still like you from what is in your heart. (Squee)

Darkstorm: Lots of experience being a father (hugs Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: (gently hugs Darkstorm, petting him)

Rarity: (smiling happily)

(Nightmare Night at the Library)

Darkstorm:(trying to get at an annoying itch on his back)

Fluttershy: (with Twilight Sparkle & Rarity) (helps Darkstorm scratch his annoying itch on his back) There.

Darkstorm oh yeah (Tail wagging)

Fluttershy: Are you feeling much better?

Darkstorm: Yes, thank you, its the last night of the wolf moon (His fur is shedding)

Rarity: Oh my, your fur is shedding. Do you need some grooming?

Darkstorm: No, Its normal, it lets me know that my time as the wolf is almost over (His wings extend from his back)

Twilight Sparkle: I see. Well, we might as well enjoy Nightmare Night. Ok?

Darkstorm: May I join you at this festival, I promised The Cutie Mark crusaders I'd show them the transformation back to my true form.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then, but I must tell you this that Fluttershy tends to be... Very nervous in Nightmare Night.

Fluttershy: That's why I intend to stay inside & read stories while I'm under the bed. I hope you understand.

Darkstorm: Tis a shame, Such a noble young mare shall not be locked in her on home.

Fluttershy: Your very kind & considerate. Sometimes, I would be very nervous to try something new to be honest.

Darkstorm: I understand ( tail stiffens) Oh not now, um Rarity is that grooming offer open?

Rarity: Why yes Indeed. Would you care for treatment by my hooves or at the Ponyville Day Spa?

Darkstorm: Lets try the spa, no bows.

Rarity: Very well. Come with me, Mr. Darkstorm. (Leads Darkstorm to the Ponyville Day Spa)

Darkstorm:(walking next to her)

Rarity: Your going to love the daily spa, they will keep ourselves nice, clean & well groomed.

Darkstorm: If the spa is like the Hotsprings on my world, it would be also good for relaxation and meditation

Rarity: I do believe your right. (Arrives at the Ponyville Day Spa) Well, here we are.

Darkstorm: (gets the door for her) after you

Rarity: Why thank you. Your such a gentleman. (Enter inside first)

Darkstorm: I have been taught well (Follows)

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