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Darkstorm is getting a big welcome to Equestria, with the help of Pinky Pie and the ponies of Ponyville who do not know of the new guest, an even bigger surprise is that the princesses (Princess Celestia and Princess Luna) are coming to meet the New comer. But will he be accepted when they see him or will the fear him for being the master of Dark Magic and Dark Energy.



Rainbow Dash: (flies in) Hey Darkstorm!

Darkstorm: hey Rainbow

Rainbow Dash: I just wanna come by & check on ya. I see you're relaxed.

Pinkie Pie: (traveling through Ponyville, bouncing up & down, handing out invites to all of Equestria) Come & get your invites to the party! A new friend has arrived into Ponyville!

Darkstorm:(Prepares himself for the party)

A gold crown rolls out

Darkstorm:(Picks it up)

Rainbow Dash: Say, what have you got there?

Darkstorm: Promise not to tell anyone else till tonight

Rainbow Dash: I Pinkie Promise. Cross my heart & hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Darkstorm: i am the king of all Apocalia, this is my crown

Rainbow Dash: Wow. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. (winks & then flies off)

Darkstorm: Ambitious pegasus (Puts on his Black Hooded Cloak and Heads to the party after putting on the crown)

Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity & Spike: (at the party)

Darkstorm:(Smokeports in behind them his hood over his head casting a shadow over his face)

Mane 6 & Spike: (notices Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Puts hands together and a card appears) Basic

Darkstorm:(Looks at the other ponies at the party)

Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green: (arrives at the party)

Eddy Green: Hey there, we're here to party.

Ed Wreck: Hiya guys.

Darkstorm:(Bumps into Trixie) Sorry Miss (Moves back to give her room)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, hello Ed Trio. It's been a long time since we've last saw you.

Double G: Indeed it was & might I ask, what an amazing party your throwing for the new guest.

Pinkie Pie: Thank you Double G! How's about we introduce you to our new guest now.

Ed Wreck: Oh boy! Oh boy!

Darkstorm:(Pulls a gold Coin from behind a girl Filies ear)

Pinkie Pie: (shows where Darkstorm is & takes the Ed Trio up to Darkstorm) Hi Darkstorm! I want you to meet our 3 new friends, Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green, they are the Ed Trio.

Ed Trio: (waves hello)

Darkstorm:(Bows) Pleasure

Ed Wreck: Hello.

Double G: Greetings.

Eddy Green: Yeah, it's nice to see you.

Darkstorm:(Two necklaces are seen on his neck)

Ed Wreck: Cool necklaces. (goes up to Darkstorm) Can I touch them?

darkstorm: Be careful, Both are heaviliy enchanted

Double G: (holding Ed Wreck) I think we've seen enough.

Ed Wreck: Okie dokie Double G.

Darkstorm:(Power Jumps into the Air)

Ed Trio: Whoa!

Darkstorm:(Lands with Grace)

Ed Trio: Cool!

Rarity: What beautiful landings. He landed very gracefully. He really is light on his feet.

Darkstorm:(Takes off his hood to reveal his face, the crown seen)

A cloaked figure watches them silently.

Darkstorm:(Sense someone near by)

The Figure: (slowly takes off her hood, revealing herself to be a unicorn)

Darkstorm: Gor'Ron

The Unicorn: ...Hey? 

The unknown unicorn (Later revealed to be known as Artica).

Ed Trio: (notices the unicorn) Huh?

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, hello.

The Unicorn: So... having I party, eh?

Pinkie Pie: Yes indeedy. This is for our new friend who is new here in Ponyville. This is Darkstorm the Halfbreed.

Darkstorm:(bows head)

The Unicorn: Erm... I'm Artica, by the way. .-.

Darkstorm: Dark Lord Darkstorm

Artica: Nice, I guess...

His crown seen

Artica: (glances at it for a while, examining it) Hmmm...

(It is pure Gold, the center jewel is Jade)

Rarity: You're crown looks marvelous.

Darkstorm:My world has a rich deposit in gold and silver

Rarity: That is truly amazing.

Darkstorm:(More amazing this to come Rarity, I asure you

Artica: Heh...

Darkstorm:(I have been trained in many magic types, even Voodoo

Artica: (in a thoughtful voice) Voodoo... like some of the magic that old zebra Zecora uses?

Darkstorm: I can only do mainly Card tricks with voodoo

Artica: Interesting...

Darkstorm:(Take three cards and I shall tell you your future

Artica: (does so)

Darkstorm: Eyes glow Blue)

Artica: Whoa...

Darkstorm: I forsee great fortunes upon the first card (He flips it over and it shows fortune)

Artica: (looks at it)

Darkstorm: THe second shows true love and marriage (Flips it over, he is very good)

Artica: (excited) And the third?

Darkstorm:(Flips it over and it shows a happy life) Do I need to explain

Artica:  (flatly) No.

Darkstorm:(Hands her a sack of Gold) Take it, to start your fortune

Artica: (takes it)

(Chats are down again)

Darkstorm: Good luck

Rarity: That is very generous of you, Darkstorm.

Fluttershy: And that is very nice. (smiles)

Darkstorm: (Bows) It is instinct, most of my people are still starving and poor, I am not like most kings, I am so rich that I give it all away for the greater good

Rarity: Wow, that is incredibly nice of you to do that. That is the true meaning of generosity.

(Ok I think the Princesses should come in now)

Darkstorm: Aye, I am nothing like my Tyrant father (Shudders)

Celestia: (arrives at Ponyville with her sister Luna & gently floats down, landing gracefully)

(Everypony begins to bow down to the Princesses in respect.)

Twilight Sparkle: (bows down) Welcome Princess Celestia & Princess Luna.

Celestia: Thank you Twilight Sparkle. My sister & I have heard that Darkstorm have arrived here in Equestria.

Luna: Yes, we'd like to welcome him...


Luna: ^_^

Darkstorm: Tis an honor (Extends his wings) I am Dark Lord Darkstorm the halfbreed of Apocalia

Celestia: Welcome to Equestria, Darkstorm. It's been a long time.

Darkstorm:(Confused) are you stating that I have been here before princess?

Luna: It's just been a long time since we've had a visitor...

Darkstorm: Aw forgive the confusion

Luna: It's quite alright...

Darkstorm: so your Princess Luna right?

Luna: (nods)

Darkstorm: Lady of the night and Lunar Lights?

Luna: The one and only...


Luna: ?

Darkstorm:(I am impressed

Luna: (giggles)


Luna: (notices it's getting close to sundown, she begins to make the moon rise)

his wings begin to glow from the moons light rays

Artica: (gazes at them) Wow...

Darkstorm:(he extends them so he can absorb more of the moons light)

Artica: Fascinating...

Darkstorm: Well I am the master of all Dark and Dark Energy

Artica: Wow...


Artica: ^_^;;


Celestia: (smiles) You can stay here in Equestria as long as you like. It doesn't matter how long you can stay here, you have unlimited access to Equestria, Lord Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Bows) correction, its Dark Lord 

(End of Episode)

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