Shoko Indrani is a young huntress wolf and is currently married to Darkstorm-Actu-Sin. She is created and owned by Okami.  


A black-furred anthropomorphic wolf with electric blue eyes and grey markings, Shoko has a rather fit build. Her body is quite curvy, and has an average bust size. Her raven hair is short in length (barely making it past chin-length) and is kept neatly overall. Shoko is approximately six feet in height and of average weight. Her fingers and toes are colored average grey, while the stockings above are a light grey. She has visible battle scars on her body, although these are on her sides, arms and legs. While she isn't a digitigrade, her feet are very wolf-like, being being paws in contrast to the more human-like feet some furry characters have.

As an eight-year old pup, her appearance is relatively the same except for the fact that her eyes are wider, her ears are larger, her hair is longer and styled differently and that she's obviously smaller and less developed due to being prepubescent. Also as a pup, she doesn't bear many of her scars due to not having got them yet.


Shoko's attire is relatively simplistic. She wears sandy, Native American inspired clothing with blue highlights and a shark tooth necklace that she inherited from her paternal grandfather. Her pants extend to her knees, but the rest is covered by her boots. Her arms are wrapped in black cloth, and has a white cloth wrapped around her waist. To finish it off, she wears dark brown knee-length leather boots. Her additional attire can get quite revealing at times, but it isn't very formal. When not in combat, she usually wears a grey tank top with blue shorts and white sneakers.


Shoko is a usually serious, headstrong young woman. She is somewhat overprotective of her pack and family, and is dedicated to her duties. She can also be very persistent at times, and is somewhat gullible. However, once you get to know her more, she opens up quickly out of her stoic behavior and shows many emotions. She proves to be surprisingly motherly when becoming a parent, bonding closely with her children. She has a no-nonsense demeanor and can be impatient and to-the-point at times. Shoko can also be very sarcastic and isn't afraid to make at least one snide remark in any given situation. She has a strong sense of responsibility and acts as her husband's voice of reason. Despite her general attitude, she is an overall kindhearted soul with good intentions.



Shoko Indrani was born to the Indrani pack's two alphas, Nomako Indrani and Amala Indrani. During Amala's pregnancy with Shoko, the traitor Crux had attempted to kill the pup inside Amala's womb. He failed, and thus was banished from the pack. Two years and a few months after being born, her father was murdered in battle. While she herself didn't witness the incident, she nonetheless mourned her father's death for days.

As an eight year old, she had a pretty average life. She enjoyed playing with siblings and other pups in the pack, and she helped her mother Amala with chores around the house. That is, until she was almost nine; the rivaling Irukani pack attacked. A young wolf about her age, Crux the II, had attempted to murder her; he was the son of Crux (obviously), the wolf that had also attempted murder on her years before. She was fortunate enough to make it alive, but that didn't stop her from getting some scars.

Pre-Teen and Adolescent Years



Meeting Darkstorm

On a misty spring morning one day, Shoko and her pack were in the middle of a hunt. Unaware of the creature that was also pursuing their game, the pack lunged in for the kill. It was at this moment that Shoko and the creature bumped heads.










Nomako Indrani

Amala Indrani



See Darkoko for more info.






Reva Maheshwara


Crux II

Shoko's pack has its share of enemies, one of which is the Irukani. Crux was born in the Irukani clan territory after his father tried to kill Shoko as a pup. After his father's death, Crux swore vengeance upon all the Indranis, and he was close to doing so if it weren't for Shoko's mother and Shoko's hinderence of him.






  • Shoko helped Darkstorm recover from his misery over Keera's death. She also keeps Dark in check, not hesitating to fight him while also winning (most of the time).
  • The name "Indrani" is Indian in origin; "Indrani" was the name of Hindu god Indra's wife. This makes sense, as the Indrani pack's culture is a mixture of Native American and Indian cultures.
  • Shoko's brother, Raja, was named after Jasmine's pet tiger "Rajah" from the 1992 Disney film Aladdin.