Siena the Catolf

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A tan Catolf with perfect curves, tits and butt. She hones them for use in seduction and sabotage. She is an ace sniper and is very seductive.

Her History with Darkstorm and his GroupEdit

She joined the Mercinary Freedom Fighters Group on their Latest job in the toxin district, they found her dangling helplessly over deadly toxins. After saving her, she joined up the with Mercinaries and has aided Darkstorm in spotting. One day one a mission she is hit with a toxin round, lucky for her she only got sick. For a while now she has rested now she is awake and ready for pay back. She majored in her military and slutty tactics  during the missions. Her slutty moves make her one hell of a hot ticket for not expecting anything. While she is not Be a slut she is with Darkstorm with an 46.3mm plasma Sniper as a spotter. She not just vengence for her but her mom and dad's robotization, if they can't derobotisize them then they have no choice but to terminate her parents.


Disturbed - Indestructible04:39

Disturbed - Indestructible

During her missions

Haunted - Disturbed With Lyrics04:38

Haunted - Disturbed With Lyrics

While lowering the Targets senses

All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi (Hero Theme of Shadow)03:23

All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi (Hero Theme of Shadow)

While Practicing

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