Teniahk is the Dark Princess of Apocalia, and daughter of Darkstorm-Actu-Sin and Shoko Indrani.

Some attributes
First Date of Birth: February 14th
Second Family: Darkstorm (Father), Shoko (Mother), Tosha (Twin brother), Bakuu (Elder brother), Terra (Little Sister), Dameon (Little brother), Snowstorm (Evil Grandfather), Dromeostorm (Evil Uncle), Frostless Nemaru (Aunt), Mi-Actu-Sin (Grandmother), Kaze (Husband, Zero's Chara), Breeze (Daughter), Andrew the Fireling (Nephew), Jessie the Hedgecat (Sister-in-Law), Luna-Actu-Sin (Niece), Cora-Actu-sin (Niece)
Third Powers: Serpent Control, Apocalian Magic
Other attributes
Fourth Martial Arts: Tai Tzu (Preferred), Akaido, Judo and Ninjutsu
Fifth Elemental Control: Fire
Sixth Voice Actors: ???? (English), ???? (Japanese)

History Edit

Early Life/Childhood Edit

Teniahk was born along with her twin brother, Tosha, on February 14th, 2009 (rough birthdate).

Post Apocalian-Serpentan War Edit

Teniahk, after taking part of the war with the aid of her Snake Goddess Spirit, is crowned the new Queen of Serpenta and the Naga (even though she isn't a Serpentan/Naga). With the help of the Snake Goddess, her husband and her little princess, she rules with tender, love and care, but it does not give the people an excuse to take her lightly; underneath her nice extremity still beats the heart of an Indrani warrior, the spirit of an Actu-Sin, and both her mother and father's hot tempers.



Attire Edit

Teniahk wears a traditional martial arts gi mixed with Samurai armor when she is either training or fighting. Otherwise, she wears blue jeans with a black T-shirt tucked in while also wearing a set of her dad's old dog tags during his time on Earth with leather hiking boots while hiding an Apocalian ceremonial dagger under her pant leg.

Personality Edit

Teniahk as a pup is quite lovable and often looks up to her elder brothers Tosha and Bakuu or her parents though she has quite the hobby of whacking Bakuu in the back of the head with her tail when he is being a jerk. As an adult she tends to get very serious but retains her playful attitude for her baby brother and, later on, her neices and nephews. Piss her off, though, and her inner demon along with the Snake Goddess comes out and things aren't pretty.

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