Terra-Actu-Sin, full name Terra Jaikoya Actu-Sin Indrani, is a teenage, Apocalian-wolf hybrid. She is one of the offspring of Darkstorm the Halfbreed and Shoko Indrani.

(This article is incomplete; it is currently undergoing further editing.)

Some attributes
First Age - 2 (present), 18 (future)
Second Species - Anthro wolf-Apocalian-human hybrid
Third Relationship Status - Single (present), engaged (future)
Other attributes
Fourth Relatives - Darkstorm-Actu-Sin (father), Shoko Indrani (mother), Mi-Actu-Sin (paternal grandmother), Snowstorm Barator (paternal grandfather), Amala Indrani (maternal grandmother), Nomako Indrani (maternal grandfather), Frostless Nemaru (aunt), Drakon-Actu-Sin (forgotten older brother), Bakuu (older brother), Teniahk-Actu-Sin (older sister), Tosha-Actu-Sin (older brother), Dameon-Actu-Sin (younger brother), Hunter and Sasha-Actu-Sin (younger siblings), ??? (future wife), Andrew Fireling (son)






Terra is a tawn wolf hybrid with steel, demon-like eyes. When provoked, however, her irises turn blood red. Terra mostly appears to resemble a wolf, though she retains some Apocalian traits. She is also a Rynoc, as seen by her spiked tail. Terra has black, long and sharp claws used for digging and combat, and dark gray leathery wings. Her light brown hair is wild and spiky, despite it being well-kept. All in all, she bears a great resemblance to her mother, Shoko.

Terra's attire, in general, is informal and unsuiting for a royal like her, though this is because she doesn't WANT to be a queen, anyway. She wears a brown and cream shirt with a brown belt and a dull, reddish-grey skirt. She also wears leather boots with white stockings. 




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