For a while now, I've been juggling with the idea of having my character Tsunami found a school for powerful children during her adult years. This school would teach kids with special powers how to use those powers, as well as how to fight or defend themselves without their powers. I've also come up with a list of possible classes that could be offered by this school, and have even assigned each class one of my characters as a teacher. The possible courses are as follows:


Basic Pyrokinetics, Advanced Pyrokinetics, Pyrokinetic Construction


Basic Hydrokinetics, Advanced Hydrokinetics, Hydrokinetic Construction, Introduction to HydroEcokinesis, Hydrokinetic Pyrokinetics, Hydrokinetic Electrokinetics, Hydrokinetic Aerokinetics, Hydrokinetic Photokinetics


Basic Geokinetics, Advanced Geokinetics, Geokinetic Construction


Basic Aerokinetics, Advanced Aerokinetics


Basic Photokinetics, Advanced Photokinetics, Illusionary Tactics


Basic Umbrakinetics, Advanced Umbrakinetics, Umbrakinetic Construction, Stealth Tactics


Basic Cryokinetics, Advanced Cryokinetics


Basic Chlorokinetics, Advanced Chlorokinetics, Biology


Basic Electrokinetics, Advanced Electrokinetics, Electrokinetic Puppetry


Basic Sonokinetics, Advanced Sonokinetics, Acoustics


Ergokinetics, Energy Conversion, Basic Transformations, Advanced Transformations


Physics, Chemistry, Flowmotion, Swordplay, Archery

If you have any other ideas that could be added to this list, let me know and I'll see if it fits. I did made this list at three in the morning, so I probably missed a lot of possibilities.

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